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Saving Questions to the Question Bank

In order to store a question in the question bank, the related question is associated with a folder and several tags. The folder consists of just a name. The tag has a name and a value.

  • Folder: Mathematics
  • Tag: Level : Difficult
If you don't specify a folder or add a tag, the system will automatically set a default folder and a tag.
To associate a question with a folder, that folder does not need to be created beforehand. If you associate the question with a folder, if that folder does not exist, it will be created automatically. Similarly, tags do not need to be defined beforehand. You can quickly associate the tags that you want with the question.

To save any question in the Test Invite Question Bank , in the Question Editor:

  • Click the Folder tab from the tabs
  • In the window that opens, choose the desired folder or type a new folder name .
    • The system will list the existing folders, but you can also type a new folder name.
  • Add as many tags as you want .
  • Save the question.