How do certification bodies administer their online assessment-based certification programs through Testinvite?

Certification bodies around the world uses Testinvite online assessment platform to host, deliver and administer certification assessments. Discover the top features that make Testinvite a great fit for all kinds of certification tests.

Created by Mustafa Ekim / August, 2022

In an online assessment-based certification program, individuals go through one or a few online tests and in case of success are entitled to state that they have a level of mastery of the knowledge, skills, and competencies of the subject area studied.

Discover below the top features that makes Testinvite a great fit for certification bodies to execute their online certification programs.

Have an Organized Question Bank

Certification tests have multiple questions from a variety of categories of different difficulty levels. On top of that, most of the time the test questions are randomized. To construct such a test, you will need a very well organized question bank where each question is tagged with multiple values like competency, difficulty level, question pool and so on. Testinvite comes with a question bank where you can store all your test items in an organized way so that you can very easly find the right list of questions.

Create Your Own Custom Test that Measures Multiple Subjects

Certification tests constitute of multiple subjects so that test-takers performance is tracked in various domains, skills, knowledge or competencies. That is where Testinvite's test authoring tools excel. You can create subject trees, assign questions to the subjects and let the system generate detailed reports for each subject whenever a test completes. 

Design Your Own Assessment Process

Online certification programs come in may shapes and forms. Testinvite offers great flexilibity in defining an assessment workflow. Below are some areas of customization that Testinvite provides:

  1. How will the individuals get invited into the assessment?
    1. How will they authenticate themselves?
      1. How can they request support in case they need support?
        1. What dates and times the assessment will be accessible?
          1. What are the tests that they need to pass?
            1. What the test-takers will be presented after the assessment is complete?

              Administer the Edge Cases

              Exceptional situations can cause you big trouble if the solution does not cover them. Below are some of the features that Testinvite offers:

              1. You can customize the tests' configuration for each test-taker. For example you can overwrite the test's access dates for a particular individual.
                1. You can allow an individual to take the test one more time.
                  1. You can re-setup one's test so that he/she can continue from where he/she is left. Moreover, you can adjust the timers, lock some of the sections of pages if necessary and make available only some part of the test.

                    More than 1,000,000 tests have been administered by using Testinvite. That greatly improved the number of edge cases that the platform covers.

                    Ensure That Individuals Are Not Cheating

                    Certificates imply a level of mastery of the knowledge, skills, and competencies of the subject area. That is why the certification body must validate the identity of the individuals as well as prevent them to cheat during the assessment. That is among the areas that Testinvite excels. Webcam recording, screen recording, lockdown browser, real-time proctoring, post-proctrong, artificial intelligence algorithms are among the very top features that make Testinvite an ideal platform to administer certification tests.

                    Have Detailed, Customized and Branded Reports

                    Testinvite provides detailed reports for each test instance. Moreover, the certification body can customize and brand their test reports

                    Announce the Results & Provide Digital Certificates

                    You can announce the results and let individuals access their results and optionally their answer sheet. On the other hand, you can setup so that the system automically generates branded certificates for the people who passed the test. You can customize the look of the certificate as well as the meta data to be placed onto the certificate.

                    Analyse the Performance & Improve Your Tests

                    Testinvite provides tools to analyse completed tests instances and export all the data so that you can make further analysis. You can easily update or replace questions in your tests to improve the accuracy and validity.

                    Great Support

                    Testinvite is highly customer centric, meaning that we put your success above all. That is why we made it very easy and convenient for you to contact support and book live meetings whenever you need. From test creation to assessment customization, both the support team and the assessment specialists are always welcome to support you achieving your goals.

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