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Main Benefits of Choosing Testinvite Against Others
Main Benefits of Testinvite

Online assessment solutions come in many shapes and forms - from very simple to highly complex. When it comes to choosing one that fits the most into...

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How do certification bodies administer their online assessment-based...
Certification Bodies use Testinvite

Certification bodies around the world uses Testinvite online assessment platform to host, deliver and administer certification assessments. Discover...

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How do test-preparation centers and tutors use Testinvite assessment software in...
Testinvite for Test-Preparation

Testinvite is used by many test-preparation centers and tutors to create, host, deliver and administer practice tests online. Let's explore the main...

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How does learning-validation assessments leverage your corporate training...
Assessments for Learning Validation

Assessments are vital parts of learning processes. They help you both track the development of individuals and measure the effectiveness and...

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Security & Integrity in Online Assessments
Security & Integrity

Online assessments are widely used, however, most provide inaccurate results due to the lack of assessment integrity. When integrity is not...

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A Short Introduction to Testinvite Assessment Software
Short Introduction to Testinvite

What is Testinvite and what is it used for? A brief summary about the assessment platform.

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Sell tests and exams to monetize your professional assessment products
Assessment Monetization

Learn how we encourage assessment creators to monetize their effort by building assessment products which they can sell both to end users and to...

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Creating Assessments with Testinvite's Exam Builder & Test Maker
Creating Assessments

Testinvite assessment platform's online test maker allows you to create exams designed with different configurations, ranging from very simple exams...

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Creating Questions by Using the Question Maker Software
Creating Questions

With the Question Maker Software, you can create, multiple-choice, open-ended, matching, sequencing and many other types of questions for your tests,...

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