How do test-preparation centers and tutors use Testinvite assessment software in their training programs?

Testinvite is used by many test-preparation centers and tutors to create, host, deliver and administer practice tests online. Let's explore the main reasons why Testinvite is a great solution for tutors to achieve their goal.

Created by Mustafa Ekim / August, 2022

The test-preparation centers and tutors train their students in the best possible way so that students achieve better scores in a specific standardized test. The training constitutes of a variety of approaches but one of them is providing sample tests to the students so that they can test themselves before taking the real exam and find out their weaknesses that needs further improvements. 

Below are some of Testinvite's top features that make it a perfect platform for tutors to train their students:

Online Question Bank

A very well organized question bank is the backbone of a test-preparation center. Testinvite's online question banking is great for both storing test items and grouping them by custom tags like difficulty level, subject, question pool and so on.

Creating Practice Tests

Testinvite offers comprehencive test authoring tools that let you create your desired practice tests. The test can contain multiple sections. Time limitations can be set per test, section or page level. Questions can be assigned to predefined subjects so that performance in each subject can be tracked. You can add multiple question pools to your tests so that the questions are randomized.

Creating Practice Test Series

Testinvite allows the test administrators to put multiple tests in a row and invite candidates to a series of tests so that they can take the tests one-by-one.

Administering Sample Tests Online

You can very easily fine tune when the tests will be available, how the students will get access and authenticate themselves, how many times they can take each test and so on.

You can also set up security measures like webcam recording, screen recording, lockdown browser, to ensure the integrity of the assessment process. You can proctor test-takers in real-time or after the tests are complete.

Providing Real-time Feedback

You can setup some of your tests so that the student gets feedback immediately after submitting answers.

Detailed Test Reports

Whenever a test completes, a comprehensive test report is built automatically where scores in each category are displayed so that strengths and weaknesses can be revealed easily. You can further customize and brand each test report.

Announcing the Test Results

You can announce the test results to all the students whenever you want. Alternatively, you can set it up so that each test-taker is automatically presented their test report upon completing the test.

Letting Students Compare Their Scores vs Others

Testinvite automatically builds norms for each one of your tests. Alternatively you can group students and build multiple norms. The norms display the overall performance of the group so that students can easily compare their performance against the population. The sten points, percentiles and ranks are automatically calculated so that people can quickly figure out where they stand in the competition.

Evaluating Subjective Questions and Using Rubrics

You can evaluate answers to the subjective questions either directly or by using your own rubrics.

Submitting and Sharing Reviews

You can write, submit and share reviews to the subjective questions so that students are informed the areas they should work on.

Making Detailed Analysis and Improving the Tests and Questions

After using your test multiple times, you can make further analysis about the performance of your test. You can figure out the questions that need replacement or improvement.

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