Main Benefits of Choosing Testinvite Against Others

Online assessment solutions come in many shapes and forms - from very simple to highly complex. When it comes to choosing one that fits the most into your requirements, you may find yourself in a difficult position. In this article we will point out the main reasons why our customers have chosen Testinvite.

Created by Mustafa Ekim / August, 2022

#1 Flexibility & Customizability

Most of the assessment solutions are very opinionated, meaning that they are built to meet a very specific use-case’s requirements so that you can administer one and only one type of assessment by following the way the assessment process is prescribed. That approach is falling short very quickly for many customers, or even worse, they may find themselves using multiple assessment solutions for different use-cases. Using multiple products is never a good thing because you need to pay more, learn more and spend more time.

On the other hand, Testinvite is highly flexible. It is built from ground-up by taking into consideration that each assessment process needs some room for adjustment or even customization. From the way candidates authenticate to how reports are displayed, Testinvite allows you to create, deliver and administer an assessment process which is most relevant to you. 

#2 Customer Support

Testinvite is highly customer centric, meaning that we put your success above all. That is why we made it very easy and convenient for you to contact support and book live meetings whenever you need. Thanks to our team, our customers get the most out of Testinvite with the minimum effort and time.

#3 Assessment Security & Integrity

Maintaining assessment integrity, securing the examination process and preventing cheating attempts are among the top features that Testinvite excels. Webcam recording, screen recording, lockdown browser, real-time proctoring, post-proctrong, artificial intelligence algorithms are among the very top features that make Testinvite an ideal platform to administer assessments.

#4 Advanced Test Authoring Tools

Testinvite’s question banking and exam authoring tools are very advanced in the sense that you can create any kind of tests that can measure a variety of skills, traits, knowledge or talent. From aptitude tests to language proficiency exams to coding tests to personality inventories; Testinvite offers great tools to create tests and improve them by time.

#5 High Availability and Scalability 

Not all assessment solutions have been built by considering scalability and availability issues. However Testinvite is designed from day one to offer great availability and scalability. Cloud-based infrastructure, highly scalable database and backend services are among the top building blocks that make Testinvite a powerful assessment platform to host, deliver and administer critical exams.

#6 High-quality assessments

Testinvite has a great team of assessment specialists who are experts in building reliable and valid tests. They both make available for you a variety of tests so that you can start using from day 1 and are ready to assist you in creating your own tests that will output the most accurate results.

#7 Pay-as-you-go

Testinvite offers a very simple pricing model to try, onboard and scale up your assessment operations. Thanks to the transparent credit-based system you can buy and use credits whenever you need. The more credits you buy at once, the less you will pay per credit.

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