A Short Introduction to Testinvite Assessment Software

What is Testinvite and what is it used for? A brief summary about the assessment platform.

Created by Mustafa Ekim / August, 2022

Testinvite is a full suite of online software for administering remote assessments. You can bank your questions, create any kind of tests or exams, invite candidates, administer, monitor and proctor assessments and have insightful reports.

If you are looking for ready-to-use professional assessments, you can use the test library where we make available assessments on various competencies. Otherwise you can design your own assessment from scratch by using numerous question types. Our exam builder is among the best exam software having highly advanced features.

Testinvite is a modern, reliable and highly scalable concurrent assessment system that allows you to conduct simultaneous assessments to tens of thousands of people at the same time. Thanks to the live monitoring and real-time proctoring infrastructure you can have total control over the assessment process.

Webcam video recording, screen recording, lockdown browser, timers, shuffling, random question selection from question pools, navigation restrictions are all among the features that are available for making the assessment process more secure and promoting academic integrity.

The software is carefully crafted and designed. Hundreds of features have been organized thoughtfully. Every month, new features are implemented and made available to all customers. The solution provides an API so that you can integrate any kind of software like LMS or ATS. If you need further customization, integration or development, you can always make a request.

Testinvite is free to try without any time limitations. You can sign-up now and start playing around. You can book a free online consultation meeting. Our solution experts are ready to listen to your use-case and demonstrate how the product is addressing your requirements. Throughout your journey, you can book live support for 7 days a week and get our help to overcome any kind of problems. You can contact us by email, whatsapp or live chat.

When you are confident that the product is a perfect fit for you, you can start buying credits and delivering assessments. We offer a very simple pricing model that favors you in all stages. There aren't any hidden fees and long-term commitment is not required.

Testinvite is used by businesses, organizations and educational institutions from all over the world. 15,000+ customers from 70+ countries are using our product, for various use-cases from recruitment to learning validation, to certification, to exam practice. We onboard new customers every month.

I hope this is a nice introduction for you. Please do not hesitate to get into contact with us so that we can help you achieve your goals.

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