Time limits

To manage the pace of the test, you may want to establish time restrictions on the test as a whole, on its sections, or on individual pages. You could accomplish this by setting time limits for specific pages, sections, or the entire test.

Created by Erdem Ekim / December, 2022

You can set different time limits for the test itself, sections, and pages. When the time is over the effected region forcibly makes the test-taker proceed.

The countdown timers that display the remaining time for the test, section, or page the test-taker is currently on can be found in the upper-right corner of the test page.

The timers will only be visible when a time limit has been set for the particular test, section, or page.

To prevent unethical attempts at manipulation, time limits are enforced on both the front end and back end. Even if a test-taker bypasses the time limit on the client side, the back end will recognize the page as expired and reject any answers submitted after the deadline.

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