Attempt limits

Limiting the number of test attempts

Created by Mustafa Ekim / January, 2023

By default, each candidate can take each test in your assessment only once. However, you can change this limit to allow a specific number of attempts or remove the limit altogether for unlimited attempts.

To configure the limit, go to the task settings, expand the Steps section, click on the orange gear icon next to the desired step and expand the No of attempts panel.

This setting will impact the behavior of all individuals who will participate in the test.

Allowing one candidate another attempt

If a candidate has already taken a test but you wish to allow them to retake it, you have the following options

  1. You can disregard (ignore) the initial test result, allowing the candidate to retake the test from the start.
    1. You can alter the attempt limit for a specific step for that individual candidate by navigating to their settings and adding a customization for the step with the desired attempt limit.
      If you wish for the candidate to continue from where they left off instead of starting the test anew, reinstating the test would be a better option than granting another attempt.
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