Adding & editing steps

Selecting the tests to be included in your Task

Created by Batuhan Özgü / January, 2023

By default, a candidate who is invited to one of your tasks can take all the tests that are included in the task. The tests are listed in the same order in which you arrange them.

To set the tests within your task, go to your task, click on the Setting button located at the top of the screen, and go to the Steps section. Each step within your task corresponds to a test that will be conducted. In this context, the terms ''test'' and ''step'' can be used interchangeably.

  1. Adding a new test into your task
    1. Click on the ''Add and edit steps'' button
      1. Proceed with selecting the test that you would like to add into your task.
      2. Changing the test inside a step
        1. Click on the ''edit icon'' next to the step you want to modify the test within.
          1. Choose the test you want to replace the current one with.
          2. Removing a test from the task
            1. Click on the 'delete icon'' next to the step you want to remove from your task.
            2. Arranging the order of your tests
              1. You can arrange the order of your tests by using the ''up'' and ''down'' buttons next to each step.
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