Uses of Online English Testing

Learn when to use online English tests for informed decision-making in hiring, education, and other areas. Get expert best practices.

Created by Oya Gücer Kay / February, 2024

Online English tests have a diverse range of applications, including professional hiring processes and academic settings.


Enhance your hiring processes with TestInvite’s GELT and GESWE tests, revolutionizing language assessment for corporate excellence. Dive into the contemporary applications of our tests, tailored for modern workforce dynamics.

Corporate companies use GELT and GESWE mainly for:

Elevating Pre-Employment Standards

GELT and GESWE have become indispensable tools in pre-employment processes, spanning campus hiring, mid-level placements, and large-scale recruitment initiatives. Corporate giants utilize GELT to evaluate the language proficiency of management trainees and mid-level positions, recognizing the paramount importance of English skills in these roles.

Navigating Mass Recruitment with Precision

Campus hiring processes benefit tremendously from GELT's innovative multi-variation testing architecture. Ensuring fairness and integrity, each candidate undergoes an equitable evaluation with a distinct set of questions, preventing potential malpractices. The flexibility extends further – allowing candidates to take the test up to 11 times, each time encountering an entirely new set of questions.

Promotions within the company & International placements

GESWE takes center stage before international placements or promotions within a company. Ideal for roles requiring advanced writing and speaking skills, GESWE ensures candidates are equipped for success in diverse, global settings. The testing mechanism mirrors that of GELT, providing each candidate with a unique set of questions to maintain the integrity and relevance of assessments.


Educational institutions, universities, and language courses integrate GELT and GESWE to elevate their language assessment standards, fostering academic excellence and informed decision-making.

Educational institutions use GELT and GESWE mainly for:

Empowering Distant Learning Journeys

GELT and GESWE serve as indispensable tools for English proficiency assessments of remote students, aiding in placement, selection, and facilitating distant education processes. The transition from traditional offline assessments to online tests brings efficiency and automation to examination and evaluation procedures.

Gateway to Academic Acceptance

Schools and universities embrace GELT and GESWE for evaluating the English proficiency of applicants. These assessments play a pivotal role in decision-making processes for acceptance, providing institutions with a comprehensive understanding of students' language capabilities.

Measuring Progress, Pre and Post Classes

GELT finds resonance in language schools for gauging the progress levels of students who have completed English classes. Whether used for formative or summative assessments, these tests contribute to a holistic evaluation of language proficiency.

In conclusion, GELT and GESWE have become integral, with educational institutions and language schools conducting them over 100,000 times annually. These assessments yield satisfactory results, accurately reflecting candidates' English proficiency levels by an impressive 96.43%. As your partners in education, TestInvite ensures a reliable, efficient, and modern approach to language assessments, contributing to the success of learners worldwide.

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