English Test Sample Questions

Preview the types of questions used in our English proficiency assessments. Sample questions of the core skills in grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

Created by Oya Gücer Kay / March, 2024

Vocabulary Sample Questions


Sarah found it easy to _________ into the close-knit community because everyone was so welcoming.

  1. Integrate
    1. Disdain
      1. Exacerbate
        1. Disperse
          1. Isolate

            Answer: 1. Integrate


            The treaty was a carefully worded document designed to avoid any potential _________ in the future.






            Answer: 5. Misinterpretations

            Grammar Sample Questions


            The new regulations are likely to have a significant impact _______ the way companies do business.






            Answer: 2. On


            The committee had been working on the proposal for months, and they were glad to have _________ it approved.

            1.finally been getting

            2.finally got

            3.been finally getting

            4.finally gotten

            5.been finally gotten

            Answer: 4. finally gotten

            Reading Sample Questions


            The notion of the "noble savage," a concept rooted in Enlightenment-era philosophy, has had a pervasive and often pernicious influence on Western perceptions of non-Western societies. This idealized image portrays indigenous peoples as living in a state of pristine harmony with nature, untainted by the corruptions of civilization. While seemingly a positive portrayal, this stereotype obscures the complexities of indigenous cultures, denies their agency and capacity for change, and reinforces a paternalistic attitude that can justify interventions or exploitation.

            Furthermore, the "noble savage" trope perpetuates a false dichotomy between "civilized" and "primitive" peoples, implying an inevitable trajectory of progress that places Western societies at the apex. It ignores the rich histories, innovations, and social structures of indigenous communities, reducing them to static, idyllic figures frozen in time. The persistence of this myth has real-world consequences, shaping policies and attitudes that can undermine indigenous rights and self-determination.



            The primary purpose of the text is to

            1.Provide a comprehensive history of the "noble savage" concept.

            2.Advocate for a return to a more primitive, natural state of being.

            3.Critique the "noble savage" stereotype and its consequences.

            4.Contrast Western and indigenous worldviews.

            5.Offer solutions for overcoming the legacy of the "noble savage" idea.

            Answer: 3


            Which of the following statements about the text is FALSE?

            1.The "noble savage" idea reinforces a sense of Western superiority.

            2.Indigenous cultures possess diverse social structures and historical trajectories.

            3.The text focuses primarily on the environmental practices of indigenous societies.

            4.The "noble savage" trope denies the agency of indigenous groups to shape their own destinies.

            5.The persistence of the "noble savage" idea can have negative effects on indigenous rights.

            Answer: 3

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