English Exam Reporting & Analysis

Compare candidates and streamline your hiring with detailed English exam reports. Get rankings and insights on key language skills.

Created by Oya Gücer Kay / February, 2024

Our comprehensive reporting system provides in-depth analysis of individual performance, including total scores and dimensional breakdowns, and rankings within groups and overall. We offer both automated evaluation for multiple-choice questions and optional manual evaluation for more nuanced assessments, ensuring flexibility and precision.

Comprehensive Reporting for Informed Decision-Making

Unlocking the potential of every assessment, our reporting system goes beyond the conventional to provide a profound understanding of an individual's performance. Tailored for both test-makers and test-takers, our comprehensive reporting ensures that insights are not just data points but transformative tools for growth.

Total Score and Dimensional Breakdown

Your journey with us begins with a holistic overview. The total score encapsulates the overall performance, while dimensional scores dive into specific areas, revealing strengths and areas for improvement. Our commitment to granularity ensures a nuanced understanding of proficiency, allowing for targeted enhancements.


In-Group and Overall Rankings

Empowering you with context, our reporting includes in-group rankings, offering a comparative analysis within a specified group. Moreover, the overall ranking sheds light on the broader spectrum, providing a comprehensive view of one's standing on a larger scale.


Automated Evaluation

In the realm of multiple-choice questions, efficiency meets accuracy. Our technology automatically evaluates test results through the Global English Level Test (GELT). We guarantee a swift and precise assessment, setting the stage for informed decision-making.

Manual Evaluation

For assessments requiring in-depth analysis beyond multiple-choice questions, manual evaluation by experts is available. This approach ensures a nuanced understanding of skills like writing and speaking, crucial for exams like the Global English Speaking and Writing Exam (GESWE). Our service offers you the flexibility to choose between evaluating results within your organization or leveraging the expertise of our qualified professionals.

Transparency through Sample Reports

Curious about what to expect? We believe in transparency. Explore our sample reports available on the website, showcasing the depth and richness of the insights you gain. These samples serve as a testament to the detailing and clarity embedded in our reporting system.

Elevate Decision-Making with Test Reports

In the dynamic landscape of assessments, information is key. Our reporting system isn't just a summary; it's a narrative of potential, growth, and excellence. Join us in revolutionizing the way assessments are perceived – where data transforms into actionable insights, and decisions are informed by a comprehensive understanding of proficiency.

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