Understanding Diversity, Inclusivity and Gender Equality in TestInvite's GELT Exam

Learn more about our commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and gender equality in the GELT (Global English Language Test) exam.

Created by Cabir Topo / May, 2024

At TestInvite, we recognize the importance of diversity, inclusivity and gender equality in educational and assessment environments. In designing our GELT (Global English Language Test) exam, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of fairness and respect for all individuals, regardless of gender.

Gender Equality in Pronouncements

Our approach to gender equality in language testing is rigorous. We ensure that our language use does not perpetuate stereotypes nor discriminates based on gender. This commitment is reflected in our choice of pronouns, scenarios and contexts, which are meticulously reviewed to avoid biases and to resonate with a global and diverse audience.

Delicate Expression of Gender Dynamics

We understand that language has the power to shape perceptions and influence societal norms. Therefore, we are particularly delicate in how we phrase questions and scenarios within the GELT exam. Our content creators and reviewers work diligently to use language that is not only inclusive but also sensitive to the nuances of gender dynamics.

Continuous Improvement and Feedback

TestInvite remains open to feedback and continuously seeks to improve the GELT exam. We engage with language experts, diversity and inclusion specialists, and the community to ensure our assessments are not only effective in measuring English proficiency but also in promoting a greater understanding of and respect for gender diversity.

We believe that a thoughtful approach to language can contribute positively to educational outcomes and foster a more inclusive society. TestInvite is proud to lead by example, ensuring our assessments reflect our commitment to diversity, inclusivity and gender equality.

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