How to Prevent Cheating

Ensure exam integrity with our secure language testing and anti-cheating software. Guarantee reliability for pre-employment assessments.

Created by Oya Gücer Kay / February, 2024

In a market flooded with English level tests, both online and offline, the need for a secure exam environment is paramount. Despite the proliferation of high-quality images, many online language tests lack a secure exam software infrastructure, leading to unreliable results.

Our extensive research reveals that without a robust security framework encompassing monitoring, detailed logging, proctoring, full-screen enforcement, systematic randomization, shuffling, and the ability to run multiple timers at both client and server sides, instances of cheating increase by 12 times.

Introducing comprehensive security measures significantly reduces cheating attempts by more than 90%. The Global English Level Assessment Series exclusively utilizes the Testinvite Exam Software, ensuring the requisite security framework for conducting secure online language proficiency exams.

Key Security Features

  • Webcam Proctoring: Optionally, exams can be monitored via webcam surveillance, incorporating video recording or picture-taking during assessments.
    • Full-Screen Enforcement: Users can be compelled to maintain full-screen mode during the exam, restricting the opening of other tabs or applications.
      • Multi-Variation Testing (Repeatability): A fundamental condition for test security, this method ensures consistency, validity, and reliability by presenting candidates with an equal number of questions of varying difficulty levels but from different question sets.
        • Shuffling Options: Crucial for test security, the platform provides various shuffling options, including the order of choices, questions, and sections within a test.
          • Navigation Options: Security is enhanced by restricting navigation options, allowing test takers to follow only the predefined section and page order, preventing previewing of upcoming questions.

            Test Management:

            • Test Type: Combining multiple-choice and open-ended questions, tests are created in alignment with measurement and evaluation criteria, ensuring scope validity based on the TEST PLAN.
              • Time Limitations: Both page-specific and total test time limitations are applied, constituting a cohesive test security approach in online test applications.
                • Date Restrictions: Flexible date restriction settings enable the definition of general availability, unique date ranges for each assessment step, and individualized availability dates for candidates.

                  Multi-Variation Testing in GELT and GESWE:

                  Both GELT and GESWE employ multi-variation testing methods, addressing operational and security-based challenges during recruitment processes. This feature allows candidates facing technical issues during assessments to retake the exam with a different set of questions while adhering to the same TEST PLAN and standards.

                  Enhanced User Experience:

                  • Shuffling and Navigation Options: Offering critical security measures such as shuffling order and navigation restrictions, ensuring a fair and secure testing environment.
                    • Email Invitations with Tracking: Testinvite streamlines the invitation process with an efficient email invitation module, allowing for easy and fast communication with candidates or students, complete with tracking capabilities.

                      Date Restrictions:

                      • General Date Range: Set a general date range for the entire assessment.
                        • Step-Specific Date Ranges: Determine different date ranges for each step within the assessment.
                          • Individual Candidate Availability Dates: Create distinct availability dates for each candidate.

                            At Testinvite, our commitment to secure online language assessment goes beyond the conventional, providing organizations with a comprehensive and sophisticated platform to uphold the integrity of English proficiency evaluations.

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