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Explore TestInvite's pre-employment English tests: advanced methods, tailored assessments, key features.

Created by Oya Gücer Kay / February, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of global business, English proficiency serves as a critical cornerstone for effective communication and collaboration. Organizations seeking to maintain a competitive advantage recognize the value of accurate and efficient English language assessments, particularly within their hiring processes.

Key Considerations For English Level Testing

When choosing an English level test, organizations should prioritize these factors:

Explore what TestInvite has to offer and discover how our assessments can elevate your organization's language proficiency evaluation processes.

A Comprehensive and Secure Assessment Solution

TestInvite's suite of English assessments helps businesses and institutions accurately evaluate language proficiency in a secure online environment.

Global English Level Assessment Series (GELAS®)

This series offers several options for comprehensive assessment:

  • GELT (Global English Level Test): This robust exam covers grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening with 80 multiple-choice questions in a 50-minute duration. Details
    • GELT-M: A time-efficient alternative to the full GELT, ideal for quick proficiency assessments. Details
      • GESWE (Global English Speaking & Writing Exam): Assesses essential communication skills with focus on speaking and writing. Details


        Join 1000+ customers using reliable English level tests
        Join 1000+ customers using reliable English level tests

        Testinvite's Anti-Cheating Measures

        TestInvite understands the importance of secure online exams to ensure reliable results. Our TestInvite Exam Software combats cheating in online language tests with a suite of advanced features:

        Webcam Proctoring: Optional monitoring for enhanced oversight.
        Full-Screen Enforcement: Prevents access to other applications.
        Multi-Variation Testing: Ensures each exam is unique.
        Shuffling & Navigation Restrictions: Maintains fairness and prevents previewing questions.
        Customizable Test Management: Includes time limits and date restrictions.

        Reporting at TestInvite

        TestInvite's comprehensive reporting system offers more than just basic scores. Detailed breakdowns of strengths and weaknesses, individual rankings, and automated scoring provide actionable insights for both test-makers and test-takers. These reports facilitate improvement strategies, support informed decision-making about hiring or course placement. Want to know more?

        Sample Reports

        Common Uses of English Proficiency Exams

        • Hiring: English tests aid employers in screening candidates. They ensure language skills match job requirements. These tests are vital for promotions and international placements.
          • Education: English tests are used to place students in language programs, especially remote learners. Universities use them to gauge applicants' language skills. Additionally, they track student progress in language courses.

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