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Created by Oya Gücer Kay / March, 2024

In the dynamic global business landscape, effective communication in English is paramount. Global English Speaking and Writing Exam, also known as GESWE, is designed to empower companies in identifying top-tier candidates with exemplary English language skills. GESWE serves as a comprehensive assessment tool, aligning with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standards, ensuring a robust evaluation of both active language skills: speaking and writing.

GESWE can be deployed as a holistic assessment tool, evaluating both speaking and writing skills collectively. Alternatively, it can be utilized as two distinct modules, GESE (Global English Speaking Exam) and GEWE (Global English Writing Exam), allowing organizations to tailor assessments to their specific needs.


Speaking Section (GESE)

In the GESE module, candidates face the challenge of speaking for at least 4 minutes about a given topic within a 10-minute timeframe. Our evaluation spans fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, accuracy, communication, delivery, topic development, and language use while emphasizing phonological factors. This section focuses on monologue-type speech, providing insights into a candidate's ability to articulate thoughts and ideas effectively.

Writing Section (GEWE)

The GEWE module tests writing skills through essays, requiring candidates to compose a well-structured piece of at least 3 paragraphs and 200 words within 10 minutes. Evaluation criteria include how the topic is developed, language use, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics. This segment delves into a candidate's proficiency in conveying ideas in written form.

What Sets GESWE Apart?

  • Repeatability: Candidates can take the test up to 10 times, each time facing a completely different set of questions. This ensures a diverse and comprehensive evaluation of their English proficiency.
    • Grading: GESWE employs an input question type test, requiring candidates to answer both in writing and speaking. Our qualified English teachers evaluate responses, employing a detailed grading process that considers multiple facets of language proficiency.
      • Efficiency: Results are provided within 3 working days, offering organizations timely insights into a candidate's English proficiency. The test score, presented as a percentage between 0 and 100, is aligned with the CEFR scheme, facilitating a clear understanding of the candidate's language level.

        Choose GESWE by Testinvite to elevate your recruitment process by ensuring candidates are not only confident speakers but adept writers, ready to navigate the complexities of the global business environment.

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