Reliability & Validity

Our English assessments are designed for accuracy and fairness. Explore the methods our experts use to ensure test reliability and validity.

Created by Oya Gücer Kay / February, 2024

At Testinvite, we acknowledge that reliability and validity serve as the fundamental pillars, essential to the core of our testing services. These essential properties ensure that our assessments consistently and accurately measure English language proficiency, providing organizations with trustworthy insights into candidate capabilities.


Validity is not a singular metric but a multifaceted concept, encompassing various types of evidence that collectively paint a comprehensive picture. We carefully consider the test taker, the test system, questions, activities, timing, and scoring system in our pursuit of validity.

Key Questions for Validity Assessment

  • "Are our exams an authentic representation of real-life English?"
    • "Does the test fulfill its intended purpose?"
      • "Is the test suitable within educational and social contexts, resonating with diverse test takers?"

        Our Approach to Validity Enhancement:

        • Global Use Cases: We conduct rigorous use cases globally, involving candidates in both GELT, GESWE, and comparable tests, ensuring a robust validation process.
          • University Collaborations: Working closely with universities, we continually assess and enhance the quality and validity of our assessments.
            • Annual Evaluation: Regular evaluations identify and address any weaknesses, ensuring our tests align with evolving standards and requirements.


              Reliability stands as the linchpin of an assessment's effectiveness, ensuring it consistently and reproducibly measures the same attributes. High reliability signifies a greater likelihood of arriving at consistent conclusions regarding a candidate's knowledge or skills across multiple instances. Conversely, a test with poor reliability may produce significantly different results across these instances, jeopardizing the assessment's dependability.

              The belief that longer multiple-choice tests enhance reliability is rooted in the notion that a greater number of items automatically reduces the margin of measurement error. While an ample number of items are essential for comprehensive coverage, additional factors contribute significantly to how effectively a test measures and distinguishes candidate abilities.

              In any certification examination, the primary objective is to distinguish between candidates worthy of passing and those who are not. The efficacy of this process hinges on the test's ability to accurately differentiate among candidate abilities, ultimately minimizing measurement errors and elevating candidate separation reliability.

              Enhancing Reliability for GELT and GESWE

              • Comprehensive Questioning: We ensure a robust assessment of competence by including a substantial number of thoughtfully crafted questions.
                • Consistent Testing Environment: A standardized testing environment fosters fairness and reliability in the assessment process.
                  • User-Friendly Interface: Participants engage with an intuitive and familiar assessment interface, reducing potential sources of error and ensuring a seamless testing experience.
                    • Regular Reliability Measurement: We conduct reliability assessments for both GELT and GESWE twice a year, maintaining a consistent standard of accuracy.
                      • Item Analysis Protocol: Our commitment to reliability involves a meticulous item analysis every three months, allowing us to identify and eliminate poorly performing questions, refining the precision of our assessments.

                        At Testinvite, we understand that reliability is not merely about consistency but also about delivering precise and dependable evaluations. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our assessments surpass industry standards, providing organizations with insights into candidate capabilities that are both reliable and accurate.

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