Adding image

Utilizing images in the test question

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

You can add images to the test question.

To add an image, select the image icon located in the content editor toolbar.

A dialog box will appear, providing various options for incorporating an image.

Adding an image by entering the corresponding image link

You may input the image link in the designated field and select the "add" button.

Adding an image by uploading the corresponding image file

You can navigate to the Upload tab to upload an image file from your computer.

Both of the aforementioned options will incorporate the image at its original size, and the test page will display the image in its original size. Please ensure that the image you upload is of appropriate size.

Creating a responsive image that adapts to different screen sizes

If you wish for the image to adjust to the available screen space, you can customize how the image will adapt accordingly.

To incorporate a responsive image, access the Advanced tab, either upload or input the image link, and then specify how you would like the image to adjust to the given space.

Available options for adapting the image

  • Scale down, but do not scale up: This option will not increase the image size, but it can reduce the size of the image if the given area is limited.
    • Scale up, but do not scale down: This option will enlarge the image if the given area permits it, but it will never be displayed at a smaller size than its original dimensions.
      • Scale both up and down: This option will adjust the image's size to fit the available space in both directions. It can either increase or decrease the image size as needed.
        • Customization: You may customize how the image will adjust to the given space by specifying the width, minimum width, and maximum width parameters.

          Example test question with image

          Positioning the image to the left or right of the question text

          By utilizing the Sidebar extension, you can position the image to either the left or right side of the question text.

          The same content editor can be used to add images in various areas, such as choices, instructions, and test pages.

          Sample test question featuring images in answer choices

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