Adding a sidebar

Including additional content on the side

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

A sidebar is a vertical column on the side of a test question used to display supplementary content such as images, reading material, audio or video clips. The sidebar can be positioned either to the left or right of the question text.

Including a sidebar

  1. Check the Sidebar option at the top of the question editor. After checking the Sidebar option, you will see a new content editor where you can create and customize the sidebar content.
    1. You can utilize the content editor to include styled text, images, audio, or video clips into the Sidebar content.
      1. Choose the position of the sidebar: Left or Right

        Previewing the question

        Activate the preview panel located at the top right of the question editor to view how the question will appear to the test-taker.

        Example test question with an image on the right of the question using sidebar

        Example test question with a reading text on the left of the question using sidebar

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