Text entry questions

Questions with plain text entry answers.

Created by Batuhan Özgü

A text entry question type is a sub-type of input question in which the test-taker is required to enter text  an answer.

Text entry questions come in two forms that dictate whether a single line or multiple lines of text can be entered.

Short answer text entry question

A short answer text entry question is a type of question that provides a text field for the test-taker to enter a single line of text as their answer.

Creating a short answer text entry question

  1. Browse to your question bank
    1. Click on the red plus icon at the right bottom of the page and select "Input question" from the presented options.
      1. Write your question text.
        1. Switch to the "Answer" tab in the question editor and choose "Text field" as the input type.

          Customizing the text field

          You have the option to customize the presentation of the text field to the test-taker by using various optional features, such as:

          • The text field can be customized by adding a custom label
            • You can include a placeholder in the text field.
              • You can include a hint text that will appear below the text field when it is being filled by the test-taker.
                • You can add a prefix or suffix to the text field.
                  • You can add a character counter to the bottom right of the text field.
                    • You can adjust the width of the text field according to your preferences.
                      Text field
                      Text field

                      Long essay-type answers

                      Text area input

                      Or you can create questions with long essay-type answers by using the Text area. The Test-taker answers the question by typing the answer in a multi-line text field. You can limit the character count and use other features such as label, placeholder, hint, prefix, and suffix 

                      Text area
                      Text area

                      Text field and area settings

                      The text field and area settings
                      The text field and area settings

                      Virtual input keyboard

                      All Text input types support the Virtual input keyboard.

                      Virtual input keyboard
                      Virtual input keyboard

                      Supported languages:


                      Note: Virtual keyboard also includes a keyboard for special Spanish characters and Arabic numbers.

                      Evaluation and validation

                      You can manually evaluate your questions or use Input evaluation to grade them automatically.

                      Input validation lets you put custom error messages according to the Test-taker input.

                      Input validation and evaluation
                      Input validation and evaluation

                      You can read more at Input validation and Input evaluation sections.

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