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TestInvite, is an Online Exam Software where you can create your own exams, send e-mail invitations, and conduct webcam proctored online exams in a secure and monitored platform.

Created by TestInvite / June, 2024

Create Exams

Prepare custom exams with highly advanced settings like: Exams with multiple sections, time limitations, shuffling, random question selection, in-exam navigation restrictions, weighted scores, scores in multiple categories and dimensions and so on.

  • Web Based Exam Software Exam Editor © allows you to create exams from very basic to highly complex in a simple interface
    ->You can create formative & summative assessments, practice tests (mock tests) as well as Personality Tests (Psychometric Tests)
    ->Exam can have multiple sections
    ->Exam, sections and pages can have independent time limitations
    ->Sections, pages, questions and choices can be randomly sorted for each user (auto shuffling)
    ->You can select questions in your Question Bank and add them all into your exam at once
    ->A different set of questions can be randomly picked from a pre-defined set of questions for every exam instance
    ->You can set which questions require an answer
    ->Each question can have its own point
    ->Wrong answers can affect the exam score negatively, either automatically or manually.
    ->A question can affect more than one score with a different multiplier.
    ->Map questions to learning outcomes, subjects or domains to have detailed test analysis & reporting.
    ->Map questions' choices to personality traits, facets or constructs to create psychometric tests (personality inventories) & analysis.
    ->All exam features

    Manage Your Questions in the Question Bank

    Question Bank is the central place to store all questions in folders. You can assign multiple tags to your questions so that you can easily find them back.

    • Online Exam System Question Bank © allows you to store all your questions in folders. By assigning custom tags to your questions, you can retrieve a specific set of questions whenever you need.
      ->Manage all your questions in a central place.
      ->Create unlimited folders and group your questions by storing in different folders.
      ->Classify your questions systematically by assigning multiple tags (difficulty level, language, subject, ...) to the questions.
      ->Import questions into your question bank at once.
      ->Export questions from the question bank.
      ->Update multiple questions at once by uploading file.
      ->All question bank features
      • Question Bank and Exam Editor Integration: Use the questions in your question bank while you are creating an exam.

        Instead of creating the same questions over and over again, store your questions in question bank and use them in multiple exams. Lower the rate of error and the time you spend.

        Adding questions from question bank into the exam: Select the questions in the question bank and add them all into your exam at once.
        Create Exams That Automatically Pick Random Questions from Question Bank: Select a set of questions in the question bank and set how many questions will be randomly selected in each exam instance. Each exam will have a different combination of questions.

        Ask Different Types of Questions, Collect Answers in Various Formats

        Create both multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions. Let people answer by selecting, writing, recording voice, recording video, uploading a file or creating rich content.

        • Web Based Examination System Question Editor © Create questions with the advanced Question Editor. Enrich the question by adding audio, video, image or any other files.
          When creating question, use rich text editing options: bold, italic, underline, colored texts etc.
          Add audio, video, image, file into the question.
          Define how many times the user can play the audio or video. Define if users are allowed to go forward-backward while the media file is playing.
          • Ask Multiple Choice Questions: Ask a question and give a list of choices. Define each choice's weight so that scores are automatically calculated.
            Create choices by using rich text editing options: font size, bold, italic, colored, underline etc.. Add image, audio, video and files into the choice.
            Create as many choices as you need. Order them as you prefer.
            You can activate shuffling for choices so that choices will be randomly sorted for each user. Additionally you can define so that one or a few of the choices are excluded from the sorting, meaning that they always have the same order.
            Define minimum and maximum number of choices that can be selected.
            Define the correctness and incorrectness ratio of each choice.
            Define how the choices will be displayed: in row, in column or in a dropdown
            • Ask Open Ended Questions: Ask any question. Let the user respond by writing, recording voice, recording video or uploading a file. Evaluate the answers given after the exam is over.
              Allow the user to respond by writing in a text field. You can restrict the answer by providing a regular expression. (Allow only positive numbers, words beginning with 'B', valid e-mail addresses etc.)
              Define an auto evaluation rule so that when the user responds by writing a text, the answer is automatically evaluated by comparing with the regular expression. (Correct if: the answer is a number between 100 and 500, a word beginnig with 'Ti', any sentence that ends with 'te', any number with 3 figures etc..)
              Allow the user to respond by using a rich text editor.
              Allow the user to respond by uploading a file.
              Allow the user to respond by writing code in a code editor, pre filled with code samples or instructions. You can choose among many programming languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, C# etc...
              All question features
              Responsive Exam ClientConduct Millions of Online Exams Simultaneously
              Thanks to the responsive design of the exam client, exams can be taken by mobile phones, tablets, laptop or desktop computersTestInvite is built upon Google Cloud architecture, which scales up automatically: Millions of people can take exams at the same time.

              Monitor & Proctor Examinations in Real Time

              TestInvite uses a high-tech infrastructure that lets you monitor & proctor examinations that are taking place right now. You can both monitor progress in every exam session and proctor users through the users' webcams

              • Monitor live the progress in the examination
                • Who have started the exam?
                  • In which section and page are they?
                    • How many questions have they answered?
                    • Proctor via the users webcam. If you enable
                      • Video monitoring, you can watch users during examination through their web camera.
                        • Photo monitoring, you can see photos taken in real-time.

                        Have Detailed Exam Reports

                        Learn how many questions have been asked, how many questions have been answered, how many questions are answered correctly, how many points have users collected in each section and page.

                        When the exam is over, exam report, section reports, page reports and dimension reports are created automatically.
                        Statistics on time spent, number of views, number of answers for the exam and each section and page are displayed separetely.
                        When the answers for the open ended questions are evaluated, the reports are updated automatically.
                        Have test results compared to others who already had the same test and get comparative scores like percentile, rank and overall test's average score, standard deviation etc.
                        Load your own test norms and have test scores automatically compared to the given norm. (Requires low code)
                        Create custom reports or certificates for each of your tests. (Requires low code)
                        Add Questions into Exam for Collecting Information - Without Affecting the Scores: You can add questions in the exam to gather more information about the user. You can ask both multiple choice questions and open ended questions which do not affect the scores. Those kind of questions are seperately shown in the reports.
                        ->All reporting features

                        Design Assessments with One or Multiple Exams

                        Define who will be allowed into the assessment. When will they be allowed to start the exam? How many times will they be allowed to take each exam? Define the required pre-requisites for each exam. Define monitoring method for each exam. Implement assessments that constitute of multiple exams that follow each other.

                        Define the date and time intervals that the exam will be accessible
                        Define how users will be authorized to get into the exam: invitation code, username & passwords, PIN numbers, school IDs, employee numbers ...
                        Define how many times users will be able to take the same exam
                        You can require the user to have a web camera to take an exam. During the exam user's video can be recorded or random photos can be taken .
                        You can force the user's browser to stay in fullscreen mode during the exam. User will not be allowed to open other tabs or apps.
                        You can require the user to complete another exam or to have a minimum score out of an exam, to be accepted to take the next exam. (Allow people who have at least 70% from the previous exam)
                        You can collect additional information from the user before starting the assessment. (Fullname, age, position etc..)
                        Setup which devices (mobile, tablet, desktop), operating systems (Windows, OS, Linux) and browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera etc.) can/cannot access your tests.
                        If the participant faces a problem during the test (internet connection or health problems) you can re-setup a completed test so that the user can continue from where he/she is left.
                        Give tests in "practice mode" so that participants get instant feedback on their answers. You can add a rich feedback content to question that explains the solution. Create mock tests (pratice tests) so that people can practice & learn.
                        If the user faces any kind of problem during the exam (health issue, connectivity problem, crash of computer etc.) the administrator can re-setup the exam so that the user can sit back to the exam and continue from where he/she is left.
                        All exam management features

                        Connect with All the Users Through E-mail

                        Send exam invitations to users through an easy to use e-mail module fully integrated with the assessment. Personalize the content of the e-mail. Create your own rich e-mail content. Add users's name, username, password or invitation code to each e-mail.

                        ->You can define the e-mail content. Create any rich content you desire thanks to the rich content editor.
                        ->Import the e-mail addresses to send e-mail invitations.
                        ->Use recipient's first name, last name or any other personal information in the e-mail content.
                        ->Tell people their username, password or invitation code in invitation e-mail.
                        ->Define the e-mail address the recipients will reply to.
                        ->Exam e-mail invitation features 

                        Create User Accounts for Your Organization

                        Create user accounts that have different set of roles, hence responsible of different tasks. Organization user accounts favor teamwork and allow team members to co-operate in creating questions, managing the question bank, creating exams, implementing assessments, sending e-mail invitations and so on. Create accounts for the users who you would like to give exams. Let the same people use always the same username and password to access the exams.

                        Create user accounts that your organization owns
                        Import user accounts
                        Assign different set of roles to user accounts to enable teamwork.
                        Manage all your organization's accounts in a central place.
                        Managing organization accounts

                        Add Professional Exams into Your Assessments

                        TestInvite Marketplace © offers ready-to-use exams prepared by professional institutions. You can buy credits and use professional exams within your assessments.

                        ->GELT: Global English Level Test: Find out English Levels of the users easily. more info
                        ->Browse & find the exams in the General Aptitude category that fit your need. The exams have different level of difficulty, length and coverage. more info
                        ->If you are looking for a professional ready-to-use exam, you can contact us.
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