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Created by Mustafa Ekim / January, 2024

Design online exams with multiple sections, each with its own instructions, and measure success in every section. Enjoy the flexibility to add as many pages and questions as needed, either by creating questions within the exam editor or importing them from your question bank. Tailor your exam's timing with the option to set time limits for the entire exam, individual sections, and each page. Grant or restrict navigation permissions within the exam, allowing candidates to move forward or backward between sections and pages as needed.

Enhance Exam Integrity and Fairness

Promote fairness and integrity in your assessments by randomizing the order of exam items, including sections, pages, questions, and answer choices. Incorporate variety by asking random questions from question pools, ensuring dynamic and unique exams for each candidate.

Achieve Comprehensive Insights and Reporting

Collect the data you need with ease. Define score weights for each question, set penalties for incorrect answers, and align questions with specific learning outcomes to generate detailed reports. Gain insights at multiple levels, including scores by section, page, dimension, category, tag, and more. Compare user performance with comparative reports among all exam takers and easily export questions and answers for further analysis.

Experience Your Exam Beforehand

Test your exam for free with a preview feature that allows you to experience how the exam will function at any time during the preparation process. Ensure a seamless and reliable assessment experience for your candidates.

Generate a diverse range of online tests

Aptitude and IQ Assessments

Analyze and contrast candidates' analytical skills, cognitive tendencies, and strengths

Foreign Language Proficiency Assessments

Evaluate candidates' foreign language skills across multiple dimensions, including grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

Mock Exams

Prior to the real assessments, provide practice examinations to help pinpoint areas for improvement and assess readiness for the actual test.

Subjective Evaluations

Pose open-ended inquiries and gather responses in various formats, such as text, audio, video, files, and more.

Assess Learning Goals

Align test outcomes with educational objectives, making it simple to gauge the achievement of learning objectives through post-training assessments.

Skills Assessment Tests

Determine individuals' strengths and weaknesses in various fields through comprehensive screening tests encompassing multiple sections, categories, and dimensions.

Custom Personality Assessments

Design personality assessments with a variety of scales to suit your specific needs

Custom Inventories and Scales

Develop and administer a wide range of inventories online, with automated report generation.

Coding Tests

Perform online tests that can be answered by writing code in more than 100 programming languages.

Online Psychometric Testing

Design and administer a wide range of psychometric tests online while ensuring security measures are in place.

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