Adding new languages

Learn the process on adding a new language by submitting translation files.

Created by Erdem Ekim

Translating the User Interfaces

If you want a new language to be added to test-taker screens, we can make it happen with your help! Our team can send you links that include the messages and prompts that the test takers will see, and you can translate and send them back to Once we receive the files, we can quickly implement the language into the system.

Once our team sends out the links;

  • Click on each link, it will open an online TypeScript editor with the code that needs to be translated.
    • Only the text colored in red/maroon has to be translated.
      • Be careful not no erase any quotation marks ” “
        • You only need to translate the text in the left part of the screen.
          • Don’t change any commands or tags (<>) inside a text, for example:
            • Original: “This test can only be taken in <b>Fullscreen</b> mode”
              • Translation: “Este test solo puede tomar en modo de <b>Pantalla Completa</b>”
              • The file structure should stay the same.
                • After you finish the translation, copy the URL address, and paste it when replying to this email.
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