Create documents you can use organization wide.

Created by Batuhan Özgü / October, 2022


  1. Click Organization.
    1. Select Documents.

      Creating a document

      Start by pressing the red button with +.

      Then you can start creating your document in the editor of your choice.

      You can select from 2 types of editors: 


      Text editor
      Text editor

      Text editor has basic functionality. Only accepts plain text.


      Rich content editor
      Rich content editor
      • Includes a Rich content editor. Has various customization options:
        • Writing in 4 different sizes
          • Dark, italic, underline, or strikethrough
            • Color change for text or text background
              • Numbered or ordered list
                • Indenting
                  • Assigning a link to your text

                  After selecting the editor type you can name your document by typing in a title.

                  After typing in the title press ''Save'' to save your document.

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