Learn how to add new partners and the partnership system.

Created by Batuhan Özgü


  1. Click Organization.
    1. Select Partnerships.


      Partnership allows one Organization to make business with another Organization. For example, an Organization can create a Test and sell limited access rights to one of it's Partners.

      On this page, you can find the list of the Organizations you have partnerships with. You can add or remove partners. To add another Organization as a Partner, the related Organization needs to inform you of their Organization ID.

      How to add an organization as a partner:

      1. Type in the Organization ID of your partner, in Search an organization text field, click Search.
        1. After the organization is listed, click +Add as a partner.

          How to remove an organization from your partners:

          • In the Partnerships Page, find the Organization you want to remove, click on the 3 dots, then click Delete.
            • If you want to delete multiple Organizations at the same time, select them by clicking on their Checkboxes, then click the Delete button, located at the top part.

                The email address that appears in the partnerships list is the contact email address, set previously on the Organization Profile page.  

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