Why is Testinvite a great solution for pre-employment testing?

Administering pre-employment tests helps you find the right candidates with less time and effort only when it is done right. Discover the features that make Testinvite an ideal platform for hosting, delivering and administering hiring assessments.

Created by Mustafa Ekim / August, 2022

Cheating-free online assessment platform

When you do not take any precautions againts cheating, some will certainly cheat and that can very easily mess up your selection process. You will end up spent effort, time, budget and the test results will mislead you toward making a bad hire. You certainly need to consider how to ensure the assessment's integrity. And, that is where Testinvite excels. From webcam recording to screen recording to lockdown browser to real-time proctoring to cheating-detection algorithms by artificial intelligence, Testinvite offers multiple methods to make your assessment process output dependable results.

Recruitment Tests Library

Testinvite comes with a recruitment test library full of pre-employment tests from aptitute tests to personality tests to skill tests to language proficiency exams. These tests that have been developed by assessment specialists will help you get the most accurate results on the given subject.

You Can Create Your Own Tests As Well

Even though the recruitment test library is a great time saver, you can create your own tests as well and that is among the top areas where Testinvite platform excels. The question banking and advanced test authoring tools are among the main building blocks of Testinvite so that you can create any kind of tests to meaure a variety of skills, knowledge, traits etc. Dimensions and effects make it possible to measure multiple traits in a single test in a hierarchical way.

Putting Multiple Tests In A Row

Most of the time, a single test is not enough when it comes to pre-employment assessments. That's why in Testinvite can you create an assessment with multiple tests in it. The candidates who are invited into the assessment will be able to take the tests one-by-one without requiring you to interfere. Administering multiple-tests to each candidate in a convenient way will let you collect the most insights for each candidate with the least time and effort. You can combine the tests from the library with your own custom tests to implement an ideal assessment process.

Norms and Benchmarks

Conducting tests to candidates not only reveal people's strenghts and weaknesses but also allow you compare one's level vs others in each and every trait. Testinvite's auto benchmarking system allows you to have a comparison report that clearly displays each candidate's test result compared with others. That greatly help you finding out the most relevant candidates.

Objective Evaluation via Rubrics

Subjective questions that the candidates answer by writing or speaking can reveal great insights about candidates. However subjective questions require your evaluation. Rubrics are great to make this process easy and very-well defined so that you can treat each candidate in equal terms.

Support for Multiple Use-Cases

There are 3 main use-cases that Testinvite makes possible when it comes to pre-employment testing:

  1. Standard Pre-Employment Testing: You create an assessment and invite candidates along the year. That is great for ensuring that each employee meets the minimum level in a few selected areas.
    1. Role-Based Pre-Employment Testing : You create an assessment for each open position by choosing the most relevant tests. When the position is filled up, you can end you assessment.
      1. Campus Hiring: You can administer pre-employment tests to thousands of people whether simultaneously or within a limited time period. Testinvite's highly scalable infrastructure makes it possible to conduct and proctor thousands of assessments in real-time.
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