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Created by Erdem Ekim / January, 2024

Pre Employment Testing Software for Recruitment and Selection Process

Compare candidates according to objective criteria. Identify the right people for the right position.

For recruitment specialists only.


Choose the pre-employment assessment that works for you

General Aptitude Tests

Assess cognitive levels in many dimensions such as verbal, numerical, communication, analytical thinking.

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English Level Tests

Identify the English level in many skill areas such as grammar, reading, listening, speaking.

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Personality Inventories

Identify personality traits with inventories and place people in the right positions.

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Create Your Own Tests

Prepare tests that are suitable for your scenario and apply them safely online.

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Online Video Interviews

Ask candidates interview questions they will answer by recording video via webcams.

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Coding / Programming Exams

Give online tests consisting of questions answered by writing code in a programming language of your choice.

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Use pre employment assessment tests in talent recruitment

Assess fast, find the right people, save time and money.

Intern recruitment

Volume recruitment with multiple steps

White/Blue collar recruitment

Technical staff recruitment

We evaluate applications from around the world through online recruitment tests. We manage a 4-stage automated process consisting of English level test, general aptitude test, personality test and video interview.


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Digitilization in Recruitment and Selection

Today's employment market is completely candidate-oriented, so it becomes more and more essential that organizations use their resources in the most efficient way to find an ideal employee for the open position. It is therefore very important to exactly pinpoint the skills required for the position and ask the most effective questions about these skills.

But these processes can be very exhausting, time-consuming and overcosting. For this reason, companies are increasingly turning to online pre-employment tests as they make it easier, faster, and also cost-effective to find the ideal talent in recruitment processes

Employment Assessments To Assess Different Types Of Skills

Testinvite offers you a wide variety of professional, ready-to-use online pre employment tests so that you can minimize risks and costs in recruitment processes and find the ideal person with the required skills and knowledge for the vacant position.

With Testinvite’s reliable online pre employment tests, you can accurately and rapidly measure candidates' analytical skills, knowledge, communication and many other abilities required for the job.

Use Talent Acquisition Software to Create Custom Employment Assessment

Creating your own customized pre employment test gives you the flexibility to ask specific questions related to the vacant position for which you are looking for the ideal talent.

With Testinvite’s advanced and easy-to-use talent assessment software you can create customized pre employment tests to evaluate candidates according to certain skills. Thanks to its functionality and advanced features, you can create all kinds of questions according to your needs, manage the exam process easily, find the ideal talent by examining analytical and detailed reports. By creating your customized pre employment test with Testinvite’s talent assessment software, you can streamline your recruitment process and save time and money.

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