Use of online tests and exams for the selection of ideal candidates during hiring

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Why is Testinvite a great solution for pre-employment testing? Administering pre-employment tests helps you find the right candidates with less time and effort only when it is done right. Discover the features that make Testinvite an ideal platform for hosting, delivering and administering hiring assessments.
Using hiring tests effectively Combining standardized and custom hiring tests
Our approach & methodology Ensuring reliability and validity with item analysis
The ultimate guide to pre-employment tests Optimize hiring with the comprehensive guide.
Creating balanced and fair tests Tips for creating fair, balanced tests
Creating ideal candidate profiles Build a roadmap with candidate profiling
Custom hiring tests checklist Key elements to create hiring tests
Power of skills-based hiring Discover the importance of tailoring assessments.
Protecting against ChatGPT Safeguarding your company's assessment process
Industry-specific pre-employment tests Best practices and development strategies
Creating custom hiring tests A concise comparison of standard versus customized hiring tests
→ More use case scenarios Benefits of custom hiring tests for diverse industries
Strategic approach to hiring assessments Aligning your company's strategy with the hiring assessment process
→ Recruitment alignment Custom hiring assessments for strategic alignment.
Custom pre-employment tests Development and secure administration

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