Characteristics of Gen Z in the Workplace

--Discover the distinct traits of Generation Z employees in the modern workforce and how they differ from previous generations. Learn what Gen Z seeks in a job, why you should hire them, and strategies for retaining them.

Created by TestInvite / May, 2024

Today we are faced with a really fast-growing population in the workforce: Children of Generation X, the followers of the Millennials, Generation Z. Composing almost %30 of the world population, Gen Z is the largest generation. It is not only large in number but also its effect on the world cannot be ignored. Their age is progressing and they are starting to join the workforce rapidly. Faced with that fact, people involved in business have to observe and adapt to Gen Z’s transition to the workforce. Getting to know your future employees through general characteristics is not an alternative to conducting pre-employment assessments such as personality tests or general aptitude tests that are provided by Test Invite, but it is surely a starting point. Some might argue the generational classification in the workforce and oppose its logic; however, it is a factor that should be taken into consideration. People change over time; the world change, societies change. As we all change, the environments we live in change, too. What changes these environments? People. So, if we want to understand and observe these changes closely, we should understand and observe the people. We owe the last decade’s changes to Generation Z, and if we want to adapt to these changes, we should first know and understand Generation Z.

What Makes Generation Z Different from Other Generations?


Research by Pew Research Center states: “Among 18- to 21-year-olds no longer in high school in 2018, 57% were enrolled in a two-year or four-year college. This compares with 52% among Millennials in 2003 and 43% among members of Gen X in 1987.”, which means that Gen Z’ers are more likely to pursue college compared to older generations. With the sharp decline of sexism in society, the education level of women increased accordingly. Increased education levels created a more conscious generation, Gen Z.

Point of View

Generation Z being born into decades of many changes in the world, they grew up to be fast adapting people. The younger generation’s tendency to adapt to changes quickly also altered their perspective in a way that would broaden their horizon. They are open to new and different ideas, they look for diversity. Adapting to the fast-changing conditions of the world, Gen Z is way more conscious about social issues since they experience many social issues which affect them directly or indirectly.

Working Methods

Older generations such as Millennials, Generation X prefer collaborative working. They are more likely to choose teamwork over individual work whereas Gen Z usually prefers to work independently. Not that Gen Z’ers fail teamwork, but they give priority to their career rather than their job and they set individual goals.


Generation Z, the children of the changing world, embraced the advancing technology. They not only embraced and adapted to advanced technology but also learned to benefit from it. While older generations still struggle to adapt to new technologies, Gen Z finds a new way of facilitating their lives through technology every day.

What Does Gen Z Look For in a Job?

During the recruitment process of your possible Generation Z employees, there are more to consider than your needs and Gen Z’s yields. You should consider what they might be looking for when they apply to your organization.


Generation Z seeks honesty, integrity, and strong communication with strong work ethics. To provide all these, you need to have a transparent work culture. Young employees seek honest, open dialogues; they need a free environment where they can establish healthy relationships with their superiors and peers.

Employee Benefits

The younger generation of the new workforce is willing to give what it takes to pursue a strong career path; however, they look for a return to their effort. One of the most significant expectations of Gen Z is healthcare. They want to see that their organization cares for their physical and mental health; they expect their organization to provide them with good healthcare. Also, they are aware of their value to the organization so they want satisfactory payment in return for their effort.


The newly growing population of the business world, Generation Z is full of self-aware people. They acknowledge their abilities and talents; therefore, they are able to shape their working methods on their own. Yes, they might be willing to give their full effort to contribute to your organization, but you should be willing to give them the space to do so.

Recruiting Gen Z

Why Should You Hire Gen Z?

  • They are ambitious: They will be giving their full attention and effort to their work because they are usually dedicated employees.
    • They are creative: They are the children of the new world; they are adaptable to the fast changes. They will bring new ideas to the table and they will provide you with new perspectives.
      • They are tech-savvy: They are good with new technologies and they know how to benefit from technology in the workplace. They will not only facilitate their work but also improve your organization’s performance.
        • They are competitive: Generation Z employees try hard to get what they want; they put a lot of effort into their work to achieve their goals and their dedication to their goals will improve your organization.

          How to Retain Gen Z Employees

          Before thinking about employee retention, you should first make sure to have hired the right person for your organization. Even though Gen Z provides many organizations with productive, open-minded, ambitious employees, you can not be sure unless you conduct pre-employment evaluations for each employee. Before hiring each employee, you should conduct evaluations such as psychometric tests or talent tests to make sure that person is the right fit for your organization. With Test Invite’s offers, you can conduct your pre-employment evaluations in the easiest way possible.

          After the recruitment process, the issue of employee retention surfaces. At that point, you should make sure to provide all your employees with their needs in the workplace. You should increase their motivation. There are several points that you can occasionally evaluate to ensure their commitment. You should be certain that employee engagement, satisfaction, and commitment are at high levels in your organization. If you want to have certain opinions about that, you need solid evidence. You could conduct employee satisfaction and happiness surveys to ensure employee engagement in your organization. Test Invite’s wide range of test creation opportunities, you will be able to guarantee your employees’ satisfaction and engagement; thus their retention.

          The Future of the Workforce: How Will Gen Z Affect the Workplace?

          As we have listed various characteristics of Gen Z in the workplace, at this point you must have seen that the growth of Gen Z population in the workforce is inevitable. According to a report that was published by Pew Research Center, in 2017, 35% of the workforce was Millennials and 33% was Generation X. Even though age based rates don’t change so quickly over a couple of years, with the growing working population of Gen Z, it is estimated that by 2025, Gen Z will make up about 27% of the workforce.

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