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Created by Mustafa Ekim / November, 2023

There is a multitude of online assessment and exam software options available, numbering in the hundreds if not thousands. In this post, I aim to distinguish TestInvite from the rest by highlighting its unparalleled features.

TestInvite is an all-in-one assessment solution

TestInvite offers a comprehensive assessment solution covering the entire workflow, from question banking and custom exam creation to assessment process design, administration, proctoring, and the assurance of integrity through built-in anti-cheating safeguards, available as needed. This holistic approach enables organizations to streamline their assessment processes, avoiding the use of multiple solutions, saving time, effort, and the challenges of integrating various tools.

TestInvite is completely web-based

TestInvite is entirely web-based, eliminating the need for any app or extension installations. While there are other online exam software options with security and proctoring features, they often require test-takers to install third-party applications or browser extensions. What sets TestInvite apart is its seamless integration with web browsers, eliminating the need for any additional installations. This browser-based approach ensures organizations can avoid potential IT and privacy-related issues.

TestInvite provides an advanced exam authoring tool

TestInvite's exam authoring tool enables the creation of highly customized exams, including single or multiple sections, precise time controls at various levels (sections and pages), implementation of diverse navigation controls in different sections, and the ability to select strategies for enforcing mandatory questions, among other features.

TestInvite enables the banking and organization of thousands of questions

TestInvite's online question bank allows organizations to store their custom exam questions in a centralized location and organize them using folders and tags. This question bank simplifies access to the desired list of questions, making it easy to navigate and select questions by browsing through folders and tags.

TestInvite prioritizes insightful assessment reports

Many online assessment software options lack the capability to deliver comprehensive, insightful reports. They typically offer basic scores for the entire exam or individual sections, lacking the means to measure multiple learning objectives or outcomes. In contrast, TestInvite places a strong emphasis on creating multidimensional exams that assess various aspects of individuals. These assessments allow for score comparisons against others, norms, or benchmarks, enabling the identification of strengths and weaknesses.

TestInvite supports tailored reporting

TestInvite gives you the flexibility to customize exam reports and branding according to your unique requirements. This means you can design your reports to include the specific insights and information that are most valuable to you and your organization. Whether it's tailoring the appearance of the reports to align with your branding guidelines or choosing the data points and analytics that best serve your assessment goals, TestInvite empowers you to have complete control over your assessment reporting, ensuring it meets your precise needs.

TestInvite provides assessment workflow customization and automation

In addition to exam delivery, TestInvite empowers organizations to manage the complete assessment process. This includes customization, the creation of multi-exam workflows, and the configuration of rules for automatic advancement or manual progression of candidates throughout the assessment journey. With TestInvite, organizations can oversee the entire assessment process, from application submission to test delivery and result announcements.

TestInvite is committed to addressing cheating effectively

In the realm of online exam software, many solutions fall short when it comes to combating cheating, making it easily accessible for participants. At TestInvite, we take cheating very seriously and go to great lengths to implement a wide range of techniques and practices to counter this threat effectively. Our platform is equipped with a myriad of anticheating safeguards, from screen locking to webcam recording to live or post-proctoring to systematic randomization techniques, all designed to enhance the security of your exams and provide dependable results.

TestInvite addresses the issue of candidates having prior knowledge of test questions

TestInvite acknowledges the prevalent concern in online exams where candidates may obtain advance knowledge of test questions, potentially undermining the fairness and integrity of assessments. To address this issue, TestInvite utilizes systematic question randomization techniques. This approach guarantees that every test-taker encounters a distinct set of questions while maintaining balance in the exam by ensuring an equal distribution of questions across subjects and difficulty levels. This commitment to fairness and security ensures the credibility and reliability of assessments for all candidates.

TestInvite is prepared for large-scale assessment events

TestInvite stands apart from other platforms that struggle with accommodating a high volume of concurrent participants. Our 100% cloud-based system is equipped to seamlessly handle large-scale assessments, even when monitoring all participants' webcams and screens in real-time.

TestInvite promotes collaboration and teamwork

TestInvite's teamwork-friendly design is particularly beneficial for organizations with multiple accounts, each assigned different roles and permissions. Within the platform, various team members can have their own designated roles, such as content creators, operators, or managers. These roles come with specific permissions and responsibilities, allowing for a division of labor and efficient collaboration.

TestInvite provides custom API endpoints for integration

TestInvite offers custom API endpoints, enabling seamless integration between your applications and TestInvite's assessment platform. This ensures a streamlined and efficient workflow tailored to your specific requirements.

TestInvite is committed to customer success through comprehensive support and assistance

Unlike other online exam software where you're left to navigate on your own, TestInvite provides the choice of receiving dedicated support and assistance throughout your assessment administration process. From organizing your test questions to authoring customized comprehensive tests, fine-tuning reporting outputs, and delivering them, you can count on our support every step of the way, even during testing.

TestInvite continues to evolve and add new features regularly

TestInvite is actively utilized by thousands of customers and is continually under development by our dedicated team of in-house developers and user interface designers. Our commitment to maintaining a leading position in online assessment software drives us to continuously refine and innovate assessment techniques for better online assessments.

TestInvite offers enterprise-level capabilities at an affordable price

TestInvite is a comprehensive assessment and exam software that provides enterprise-level capabilities at an affordable price. This enables small and medium-sized organizations to access an advanced platform for creating, hosting, delivering, and analyzing various types of online exams and assessments.

The pricing model is designed to benefit organizations seeking a solution with minimal yearly commitments while retaining the flexibility to conduct extensive assessment operations when needed, thanks to its pay-as-you-go credit-based pricing structure.

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