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Sanofi uses Testinvite Exam Software
Ford uses Testinvite Exam Software
Modsquad uses Testinvite Exam Software
Anadolu Group uses Testinvite Exam Software
Southern Cross University uses Testinvite Exam Software
Cigna Finans uses Testinvite Exam Software
Customer Success Stories

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Testinvite Client Logo: Ford

Ford applies online exams with simultaneous camera surveillance and screen lock to employees at all its dealers across the country.

Testinvite Client Logo: Yatas

Yataş is managing their recruitment processes by conducting a 2-step online English Assessments which include some pre-conditions to be met by the candidates. This way, they reach to the best candidates quickly..

Testinvite Client Logo: Sanofi

Sanofi Turkey is conducting online exams quarterly to evaluate the level of knowledge and follow improvements of their sales force teams. They shuffle the order of sections, pages and choices in those time limited exams to increase the level of security.

Testinvite Client Logo: Eraslan College

Eraslan college conducts online exams with camera proctoring and fullscreen lockdown browser to evaluate their students. Including scholarship exams, they shuffle order of questions, sections, pages, and choices.

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