Optimizing Sanofi Turkey's Sales Force Effectiveness with TestInvite

Explore how Sanofi Turkey enhances sales force effectiveness with TestInvite. Learn about their streamlined online assessments, detailed evaluations, and the impact on knowledge development

Created by Ege Ersoy / January, 2024

What were their objectives?

Sanofi Turkey, a leading biopharmaceutical company in the health sector, places a strong emphasis on continuous employee development. This commitment extends to building an experienced and competent sales force, managed by the Sales Force Effectiveness Unit. This case study explores how Sanofi Turkey leverages TestInvite to streamline and enhance its sales force assessment processes.

The Sanofi Turkey Sales Force Effectiveness Unit conducts regular exams to assess the knowledge of drug-specific sales groups in medical and marketing categories. These exams, mandated by Sanofi Global, aim to evaluate sales teams' knowledge and identify development areas. The Unit transitioned to online assessment processes in 2020 to minimize workflow disruption and enhance detailed assessment reports.

HeadquartersIstanbul, Turkey
Employee Count1,600+
GoalStrive to assess and enhance the knowledge of sales teams, identifying key areas for development and continuous improvement.

How did they achieve their goals with TestInvite?

Handling a high level of participation, managing operations, and creating an elaborate assessment procedure are critical challenges during examinations. Since 2020, TestInvite has been instrumental in managing these processes securely and remotely. With approximately 3,000 online exam sessions conducted via TestInvite, the Unit successfully ensures a high level of participation and provides detailed assessment reports.

The Unit ensures smooth operations with test security measures, including synchronized exam start times, randomized questions and choices for each test-taker, and time limits tailored to exam features.

The additional value provided by TestInvite?

Detailed assessment and evaluation procedures classify questions into categories and drug-specific groups, providing specific results for each test-taker. The Unit generates comprehensive reports and conducts Q&A analysis to identify development areas and sales effectiveness strategies.

TestInvite's Operation Team and Assessment Team manage the participation of nearly 500 employees per exam schedule. The seamless process includes question transfer to the online question bank, exam creation for each sales team, personalized exam invitations, and high-level technical and operational support.

Outcomes and successes achieved?

The implementation of TestInvite for Sanofi Turkey yielded remarkable outcomes and successes.

  • Efficient Exam Management: Successfully managed 3,000+ online exams with a flawless security record.
    • High Participation Rates: Achieved a total participation rate exceeding 95%, showcasing widespread engagement.
      • Tailored Development Paths: Conducted in-depth analysis of employees' knowledge levels, paving the way for personalized development paths.
        • Enhanced Training Strategy: Identified questions with varying difficulty levels through question-based success analysis, enriching the training strategy.
          • Improved Effectiveness: Implemented a new training strategy resulting in increased effectiveness across business cycles.
            • Workflow Optimization: Successfully prevented workflow deviations, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted operational process.

              This case study underscores the significant contributions of TestInvite in optimizing the effectiveness of Sanofi Turkey's sales force through streamlined online assessments, highlighting achievements in security, participation, individual development, training strategy enhancement, overall effectiveness, and workflow continuity.

              The flexibility of the question bank facilitated comprehensive measurement and reporting across different categories. Consequently, we could convey more data to the development side. The support rendered by the TestInvite team during the exams allowed us to navigate the processes seamlessly.
              Yalçın Beygirci - Sales Force Training Manager

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