Ikeja Electric's Role-Specific Assessments Crafted with TestInvite

In Nigeria's dynamic power sector, Ikeja Electric transformed their recruitment with Testinvite.

Created by Testinvite / December, 2023

What were their objectives?

Ikeja Electric, the nation's top power distributor, aimed to overcome the challenges in its talent acquisition process. Traditional methods, marked by inflexible scheduling, heavy workloads, and limited candidate insights, prompted them to seek a more efficient solution. TestInvite emerged as the beacon to illuminate and enhance their recruitment process.

IndustryPower Distribution
HeadquartersLagos, Nigeria
Employee Count2000+
GoalIkeja Electric's goal was to optimize and modernize their talent acquisition process by addressing specific pain points associated with traditional methods, ultimately aiming for more precise, efficient, and informed hiring decisions.

How did they achieve their goals with TestInvite?

Ikeja Electric transitioned from generic assessments to tailor-made tests for each role, ensuring precision matches in talent acquisition. These custom assessments incorporated diverse question types, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of a wide range of skills and aptitudes. Structured sections facilitated targeted reporting, along with the imposition of time limits on specific skill areas, eliminating rote memorization and revealing genuine understanding.

The implementation of structured assessment events with TestInvite streamlined Ikeja Electric's recruitment process. Meticulously crafted tasks within the loop, each with pre-set dates and times, provided a structured timeline for comprehensive candidate evaluation. This meticulous control over assessment scheduling enhanced clarity in the hiring process. The centralized platform facilitated seamless candidate management across multiple recruitment events, optimizing organizational efficiency.

What additional value did TestInvite provide?

Prioritizing integrity, Ikeja Electric incorporated advanced security measures such as photo capture, cheating detection, and live proctoring through TestInvite. Real-time insights into candidate performance via live monitoring empowered informed hiring decisions based on demonstrated skills and potential.

What outcomes and successes were achieved?

Through the strategic integration of TestInvite into their talent acquisition process, Ikeja Electric transformed with precision, efficiency, and insightful decision-making. This innovative approach not only attracted the brightest talents but also fueled Ikeja Electric's success in illuminating Nigeria's future. TestInvite became a strategic asset, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions and build a workforce poised for success in the competitive power sector.

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