YATAŞ GROUP: Optimizing Recruitment with English Level Determination Tests

Explore how YATAŞ GROUP enhances its recruitment process by implementing English Level Determination tests

Created by Ege Ersoy / January, 2024

What were their objectives?

YATAŞ GROUP incorporates English Level Determination tests in its recruitment process, aligning with the principle of prioritizing human resources. The belief is that the human factor is crucial for businesses, and investing in people constitutes the most significant investment. There is a strong emphasis on employees being proficient in the English language at the required level.

Since 2019, YATAŞ GROUP has effectively gauged the English proficiency of candidates using the TestInvite Online Exam System, employing a 2-step online assessment process comprising the "Placement Test" and "Speaking and Writing Exam."

HeadquartersIstanbul, Turkey
GoalAchieve precise and dependable assessment of candidates' English proficiency to enhance the recruitment process.

How did they achieve their goals with TestInvite?

The company successfully implemented the GELT (Global English Level Test) and GESWE (Global English Speaking and Writing Exam) tests, crafted by industry experts. Utilizing TestInvite's automatic two-step online examination system designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, candidates undergo a streamlined process.

In this system, the journey commences with a single test invitation sent to candidates. They initially engage in an exam featuring 80 multiple-choice questions covering Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Listening sections. Those who surpass the predefined lower level proceed to a second examination involving Speaking and Writing questions relevant to their daily business requirements. Following the conclusion of the second exam, TestInvite instructors assess the English Speaking and Writing levels of candidates within three working days, and the results are promptly communicated to YATAŞ GROUP HR teams.

What additional value did TestInvite provide?

In this dual-phase examination process, candidates lacking sufficient success in the initial test are ineligible to proceed to the subsequent stage. This allows the YATAŞ GROUP HR team to optimize their time utilization effectively. Simultaneously, a substantial cost advantage is realized by ensuring that candidates falling below a specified proficiency level do not advance to the second test.

The security of Online English Placement Exams is fortified through the implementation of the following methods:

  • Questions posed during the exam are randomly selected from an extensive question pool, adhering to a predefined system.
    • The time limit is calibrated in alignment with the test's overall question count, section-specific considerations, and per-page specifications. This approach introduces time pressure, thereby enhancing test security.

      What outcomes and successes were achieved?

      The mentioned tests have played a vital role in the recruitment of over 1,000 candidates since 2019. The resulting levels from these tests exhibited a highly accurate relationship with the actual proficiency levels of the recruited candidates.

      Additionally, the YATAŞ GROUP HR team achieved success in sending exam invitations to candidates, preparing evaluation reports for English Speaking and Writing exam results, and offering support for any challenges candidates might face during the exam.

      We confidently conduct our English exams during recruitment, managing our recruitment processes faster and more securely. This is made possible by the platform's user-friendly nature, its excellence in test content and assessment, and the continuous support provided by the TestInvite team.
      Tuba Ertopuz - Senior Recruitment & Career Management Specialist
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