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A Partnership with Eduexplora

Eduexplora's programs, available online and on prestigious campuses like Stanford, Yale, Chicago, Columbia, and Oxford, have attracted over 7,000 students from a worldwide network of more than 30 countries and 130 schools.

What were Eduexplora's objectives?

Eduexplora, an organization dedicated to enriching educational experiences, partnered with TestInvite to achieve several key goals:

  • Long-lasting question bank: Eduexplora desired a versatile question pool that could be used and expanded over multiple years, eliminating the need for frequent content creation from scratch.
    • Cost and efficiency improvements: A central focus for Eduexplora was to streamline assessment processes and reduce associated costs. Transitioning from in-person methods to an online platform was a critical step towards achieving this goal.
      • Faster assessments: Minimizing the time it takes to administer and evaluate assessments was another crucial objective. Eduexplora recognized the importance of timely feedback for students and educators.

        How did they achieve their goals with TestInvite?

        TestInvite's features empowered Eduexplora to reach its objectives in several ways:

        • Adaptable question bank: TestInvite's platform provided Eduexplora with the tools to build a versatile and adaptable question bank. The ability to categorize questions by subject, grade level, and tags facilitated efficient organization and retrieval. This ensured assessments were tailored to specific needs and grade-appropriate.
          • Streamlined workflows: TestInvite's user-friendly interface and features like question shuffling streamlined test creation and delivery. This not only optimized Eduexplora's workflow but also enhanced the student testing experience.
            • Robust security: TestInvite's security features, including webcam recording and lockdown browsers, addressed Eduexplora's concerns about maintaining test integrity and preventing unauthorized access.

              What additional value did TestInvite provide?

              Beyond achieving its core objectives, Eduexplora highlights several additional benefits of using TestInvite:

              • Professionalized assessment processes: TestInvite's platform allowed Eduexplora to deliver a more professional assessment experience, fostering trust and satisfaction among parents and students. Features like customizable reports and efficient delivery contributed to this improvement.
                The collaboration has allowed us to significantly reduce the time and effort required for creating and loading assessments. This frees up our team to focus on other improvements.
                Henry Romero - Program Manager Assistant

                What outcomes and successes were achieved?

                The collaboration between Eduexplora and TestInvite yielded significant positive outcomes:

                • Increased efficiency: TestInvite facilitated faster assessment processes, allowing Eduexplora to dedicate more resources to delivering enriching educational experiences. Reduced time spent on administrative tasks was a key benefit.
                  • Improved communication: TestInvite's capabilities enabled Eduexplora to provide more specific feedback to students and parents. This transparency fostered better communication and collaboration, ultimately leading to greater trust in the assessment process.
                    • Reduced errors and improved customer service: The ability to automate processes like student enrollment minimized errors and improved overall customer service.
                      • Faster turnaround times: The time required to create and load assessments was significantly reduced, allowing Eduexplora to respond more quickly to specific needs.
                        • Targeted reporting: TestInvite enabled Eduexplora to include parents in the reporting process, keeping all stakeholders informed.
                          • Personalized support: Eduexplora credits the personalized support provided by the TestInvite team as a key factor in their success. 


                            The partnership between Eduexplora and TestInvite has demonstrably improved the efficiency, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness of Eduexplora's educational assessment processes. The ability to create a long-lasting question bank, streamline workflows, and ensure test integrity were all crucial factors in this success story.

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