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Fostering Learning and Development at Ford through Online Assessments

What were their objectives?

Ford, with over 200 dealerships across Turkey, is dedicated to providing top-notch services to its customers and prospects. A significant aspect of this commitment lies in the continuous training and development of its sales and post-sales staff.

The pivotal role of enhancing the skills and knowledge of Ford's workforce is entrusted to the Ford Development Academy. This institution serves as the hub for both Ford Commercial Vehicles and Ford Trucks dealer networks.

Led by a team of experts, the Ford Development Academy places paramount importance on advanced training and ongoing skill development. Its mission is to ensure that dealers are well-equipped with the latest insights, technology, and methodologies to tackle contemporary challenges effectively.

HeadquartersIstanbul, Turkey
Employee Count 20,000+
GoalTo provide a comfortable and reliable assessment process, ensure the acquisition of learning objectives, measure the effectiveness of the trainings, and offer helpful feedback to test-takers on their performance in various subjects.

How did they achieve their goals with TestInvite?

Ford Development Academy established a training structure that aimed at minimizing workflow deviations, ensuring a high level of participation in training, and saving both time and cost. Therefore, the academy decided to conduct its assessment processes in an online setting.

In this conceptual framework, the most critical issues during the application are test security and detailed assessment techniques.

After 2020, all of these processes have been administered with a remote and secure method by the academy using TestInvite. Thus, the company can maintain a high level of participation and minimize traveling expenses. There have been no undesirable effects on workflow because employees can set their test dates at the most suitable times for their schedules.

The additional value provided by TestInvite?

TestInvite introduces advanced test security measures that ensure reliable test results. This includes the recording of webcam videos during the testing process, which are evaluated by experts to identify and address any suspicious activities violating test rules. The implementation of the "full-screen lock" setting prevents deviations from the test screen, and time limits, question shuffling, and random question selection contribute to a secure and varied testing environment.

In terms of detailed assessment, TestInvite adds significant value by categorizing and analyzing test questions across various dimensions. The extensive question bank allows for a thorough evaluation of each employee's performance, with detailed reports facilitating a pros and cons analysis by the expert team. Additionally, the identification of challenging questions and the reconstruction of training structures based on individual needs showcase the platform's commitment to personalized employee development.

Norm studies and comparative reports help benchmark individual knowledge levels against group averages, providing transparency within a group. Continuous tracking of employee progress through comparative reports enables the expert team to monitor progress maps year-round, ensuring ongoing improvement and informed decision-making in the training and development process. Overall, TestInvite enhances the testing and assessment processes, contributing valuable insights for performance improvement and training strategy formulation at Ford Development Academy.

Outcomes and successes achieved?

In collaboration with TestInvite, Ford Development Academy efficiently executed exam schedules for nearly 4,000 employees, ensuring secure online implementations for test security and detailed assessment and reporting.

TestInvite's Operation and Assessment Teams managed various aspects, including the individual transfer of all questions to the online question bank, detailed test preparation, accurate tracking of employee lists, timely distribution of exam invitations via email, flawless end-to-end process management, provision of technical and operational support, and the preparation of comprehensive attendance, test results, and analysis reports post-examination. Swift responses were provided to additional report needs, and knowledge transfer on professional examination methods was facilitated.

Key achievements include successfully managing over 4,000 online exams annually without security concerns, exceeding an impressive 85% participation rate, achieving complete prevention of workflow deviations, utilizing analytical data to create progress maps and reshape training methods for individual employees, developing new and additional training programs based on needs identified in analytical reports, planning effective promotion strategies for employees with above-average knowledge levels, enhancing training strategy efficiency through question-based success analysis, and significantly saving time and costs in the examination process.

Especially during the exam, the video recording feature met our needs for exam security. The question banking system has significantly increased our measurement capacity. With TestInvite's support service, we were able to comfortably manage exam processes with over 3,000 participants easily.
Ferah Yetkin Perçin - Dealer Training Development Specialist
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