KPMG Vietnam Designs Custom Hiring Success with TestInvite

From large-scale assessment events to precise skills evaluation, KPMG Vietnam shows how TestInvite empowers top-notch recruitment.

Created by TestInvite / January, 2024

What were their objectives?

KPMG Vietnam, committed to driving positive, sustainable change for clients and society, aimed to enhance their recruitment process. Their primary objectives were to streamline and optimize the assessment phase, ensuring a thorough evaluation of candidates for various positions. KPMG sought to leverage TestInvite to create customized hiring tests tailored to each specific role, incorporating diverse question types, advanced test randomization, and robust anti-cheating safeguards.

IndustryAccounting & Professional Services
HeadquartersHanoi, Vietnam
Type B2B 
Employee Count 2000+
GoalAttract and hire the best possible candidates for their specific needs while maintaining a high level of integrity and efficiency throughout the recruitment process.

How did they achieve their goals with TestInvite?

In pursuit of their objectives, KPMG Vietnam strategically integrated TestInvite into their recruitment practices. Leveraging the platform's features, such as a variety of question types, dynamic page builders, and advanced randomization, KPMG created a large question bank that allowed them to craft diverse and role-specific hiring tests.

The efficient use of folders and tags, along with the strategic organization of sections, optimized the test creation process. KPMG implemented anti-cheating safeguards, including shuffling pages and using the page picker, to ensure the integrity of assessments. The platform's security features, such as webcam recording, screen capture, and lockdown browser, added an extra layer of protection to the recruitment process.

The additional value provided by TestInvite?

TestInvite delivered additional value by offering a high level of customization, allowing KPMG to create role-specific hiring tests. Each task represented a distinct position, enabling KPMG to tailor assessments to the unique requirements of each job role. The flexibility of TestInvite allowed KPMG to set separate tasks for each recruitment event, indicating a single position or job role.

The platform's capability to handle a high number of test sessions per test and the ability to set time limits for sections and pages enhanced the efficiency of the recruitment process. The predefined starting and ending dates and times, coupled with role-specific tests, streamlined the entire process.

Outcomes and successes achieved?

The strategic integration of TestInvite at KPMG Vietnam resulted in transformative outcomes in their recruitment process. The customized hiring tests, large question bank, and advanced security features empowered KPMG to assess candidates thoroughly and efficiently.

The platform's flexibility and efficiency were evident in large-scale assessment events, where KPMG successfully evaluated hundreds to tens of thousands of candidates within a few days. The predefined starting and ending times, coupled with role-specific tests, facilitated a seamless and organized process.

KPMG's success with TestInvite showcased how advanced customization, efficient test creation, and robust security features could elevate recruitment excellence. The platform not only met but exceeded industry standards, setting new benchmarks in talent acquisition practices. KPMG's ability to conduct large-scale assessment events efficiently demonstrated the dynamic capabilities of TestInvite, reinforcing their commitment to quality and integrity in recruitment.

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