Abdi İbrahim's Winning Strategy: Testinvite's English Proficiency Assessments

Discover how Abdi İbrahim revolutionized talent acquisition with Testinvite's assessments.

Created by TestInvite / December, 2023

What were their objectives?

Abdi İbrahim, a leading Turkish pharmaceutical company, aimed to enhance its talent acquisition process by prioritizing strong English proficiency alongside top skills. The goal was to build a world-class team capable of navigating the global stage seamlessly.

Headquarters Istanbul, Turkey
TypeB2B, B2C
Employee Count5500
GoalTo build a world-class team by streamlining their recruitment process and prioritizing strong English proficiency alongside top skills.

How did they achieve their goals with TestInvite?

To achieve their objectives, Abdi İbrahim strategically partnered with Testinvite, incorporating cutting-edge online assessments for initial candidate screening. They utilized GELT and GESWE assessments to evaluate grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. The systematic randomization of questions ensured fairness, integrity, and minimized cheating risks.

What additional value did TestInvite provide?

Targeted Prerequisite Feature: Abdi İbrahim implemented a prerequisite feature, requiring candidates to achieve a minimum score of 45% on the GELT assessment before progressing to GESWE. This focused approach optimized resources and streamlined the selection process.

Enhanced Security Measures: Understanding the importance of trust, Abdi İbrahim fortified the assessment process with photo shooting, video recording, and a lockdown browser, ensuring a secure and fair evaluation environment.

API Integration for Efficiency: Abdi İbrahim seamlessly integrated Testinvite with their existing Peoplebox ATS, eliminating manual data entry. This integration improved efficiency, saved time, and facilitated faster decision-making.

What outcomes and successes were achieved?

By implementing Testinvite's solutions, Abdi İbrahim realized significant improvements in talent acquisition. The company achieved greater efficiency, accuracy, and security in the recruitment process, consistently identifying and recruiting top-tier talent in the pharmaceutical industry. Testinvite's English proficiency assessments played a crucial role in building a team capable of meeting global standards.

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