Exporting test results

Data export options for comprehensive analysis

Created by Mustafa Ekim / January, 2023

You can export test results, as well as the questions and answers within test sessions, to conduct further analysis on your local computer.

Simple export

The simplest way to export test results is to navigate to your Task settings and switch to the Test Sessions panel. Load the relevant batches of test sessions using the search panel, then click the 'Simple Export' button located at the top of the table.

The simple export offers several file format options for the exported data. Choose your preferred format to proceed with downloading the exported file.

If you choose to select specific test sessions, only the chosen ones will be exported. If no test sessions are selected, all sessions loaded into the table will be exported.

Export manager

Unlike the simple export, the Export Manager allows you to configure the exported data in more detail and with more granularity.

To access the Export Manager, click on the 'Export Manager' button located at the top of the table.

Similar to the Simple Export, the Export Manager will load all test sessions if none are selected. If you choose specific test sessions, only those selected sessions will be loaded in the Export Manager.

Export manager panel

The Export Manager will present a list of loaded tests, and you can export data for one test at a time. Select the test you would like to export reports for.

Exporting test results

Make sure to select the 'Test Results' option and configure the desired format options before clicking the 'Download' button in the Export Manager. The resulting export file will have one test result per row.

Exporting test questions and answers

Select the "Test Questions & Answers option" to export all questions and answers of the test sessions. Configure the desired format options and click on the Download button to proceed.

Customizing exported data

With the customization panel, you can select the specific properties you want to include in the export. These properties are logically grouped into smaller sets, and the available options may change dynamically based on the properties of the loaded test sessions.

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