Sorting questions

You have the option to craft sorting questions, where the respondent must reorder a list of items into a specific sequence. These items can include words, phrases, images, or any content type. Respondents are presented with a list of items and are tasked with arranging them correctly by assigning each item a numerical position.

Created by Mustafa Ekim / December, 2022

The sorting question can be used to assess a wide range of skills, including categorization, sequencing, and prioritization. The question can be automatically graded, and the test-taker's response can be compared against a correct answer key to determine the score.

Setting the minimum and maximum number of sortings required

You can determine the minimum and maximum number of items that must be sorted correctly for the answer to be considered valid.

Automated grading of sorting questions

  • You can configure the effect each sorting has on the overall score of the answer.
    • You can define the impact on the score if any of the items are not properly sorted.
      • You can establish a minimum score threshold, below which the answer will not be awarded any points.
        Sample sorting questions<br>
        Sample sorting questions
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