Short text answer questions

You can design questions that require responders to provide short written text responses as their answers. The system can automatically evaluate the provided answer by comparing it to a predefined list of correct answers.

Created by Batuhan Özgü / December, 2022

The test-taker must demonstrate an understanding of the content by writing a response that accurately reflects the knowledge or skill being tested. The answer to a short answer question is usually evaluated based on its accuracy, completeness, and relevance to the prompt. The length of a short answer response can vary, but it is typically a few sentences or a short paragraph.

Single line or multiple line answers

The test-taker can be given the option to provide either a single line or multiple line answer.

Displaying a character counter

A character counter can be displayed so that the test-taker is informed of the length of their answer at all times.

Virtual keyboard

A virtual keyboard can be provided on the screen, allowing the test-taker to type in the answer using a keyboard that is appropriate for the language they are expected to write in.

Instant validation of the answer

The answer given by the test-taker can be automatically validated using predefined rules, and if the answer does not meet the rules, a custom validation error message can be displayed to prompt the test-taker.

Automatic grading of the answer

The question's answer can be automatically graded using predefined evaluation rules.

Multiple rule types can be defined and utilized together:

  • Equality: The answer must exactly match the specified value.
    • Not Equality: The answer must not match the specified value.
      • Compliance with Regular Expression: The answer must conform to the given regular expression.
        • Non-Compliance with Regular Expression: The answer must not conform to the given regular expression.
          • One of Provided Values: The answer must be one of the values provided.
            • None of Provided Values: The answer must not be any of the values provided.
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