Coding questions

You have the capability to design a question that offers responders a coding editor for submitting answers by writing code. You can choose the programming or scripting language for the editor and even set the initial state, prompting responders to proceed with writing code from the provided initial code block.

Created by Mustafa Ekim / December, 2022

The coding question presents a coding editor so that the test-taker uses to submit an answer.

  • The code editor supports a large number of programming languages and scripts.
    • You can configure which language or script the code editor will support while constructing the question.
      • You can set the initial code that the editor will start with. You can add comments and instructions inside the code block.
        Sample coding question<br>
        Sample coding question

        Supported coding languages:

        Apex Azcli Bat
        Clojure Coffee Cpp
        Csharp Csp Css
        Dockerfile Fsharp Go
        Handlebars Html Ini
        Java Javascript Json
        Less Lua Markdown
        Msdax Mysql Objective
        Perl Pgsql Php
        PostiatsPowerquery Pug
        Python R Razor
        Redis Redshift Ruby
        Rust Sb Scheme
        Scss Shell Solidity
        Sql St Swift
        Typescript Vb Xml
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