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Coding questions

The coding question presents a coding editor so that the test-taker uses to submit an answer.

  • The code editor supports a large number of programming languages and scripts.
    • You can configure which language or script the code editor will support while constructing the question.
      • You can set the initial code that the editor will start with. You can add comments and instructions inside the code block.
        Sample coding question<br>
        Sample coding question

        Supported coding languages:

        Apex Azcli Bat
        Clojure Coffee Cpp
        Csharp Csp Css
        Dockerfile Fsharp Go
        Handlebars Html Ini
        Java Javascript Json
        Less Lua Markdown
        Msdax Mysql Objective
        Perl Pgsql Php
        PostiatsPowerquery Pug
        Python R Razor
        Redis Redshift Ruby
        Rust Sb Scheme
        Scss Shell Solidity
        Sql St Swift
        Typescript Vb Xml
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