Multiple choice questions

Create questions where test-takers select from provided options. Set the minimum and maximum selections allowed. Choices can be marked as true or false, or you can assign percentage scores for weighted answers. Establish a threshold for scoring, considering answers below a specific percentage as incorrect. Automatically randomize the order of choices for each test-taker. Questions and choices can include text, images, audio, video, and mathematical expressions.

Created by Mustafa Ekim / December, 2022

A multiple-choice question presents a list of potential answers, requiring respondents to select one or more correct responses. Here are some key features and options for enhancing the use of multimedia and customization:

  • Multimedia Integration: Multiple-choice questions can include multimedia elements such as images, audio, video, and mathematical expressions in both the question and answer choices.
    • Answer Choice Shuffling: Answer choices can be automatically randomized for each test-taker, ensuring fair and unbiased assessment.
      • Weighted Answer Choices: You can assign individual weights to answer choices, influencing the scoring of the multiple-choice question.
        • Minimum Selection Requirement: Specify a minimum number of answer choices that must be selected by respondents.
          • Maximum Selection Requirement: Set a maximum limit on the number of answer choices respondents can select.
            • Automatic Scoring Threshold: When multiple answers are allowed, define a scoring threshold. Scores falling below this threshold receive no points.
              • Display Options: Answer choices can be presented horizontally or vertically, inside a grid, or aligned horizontally with the question.
                • Hint Inclusion: Provide hints within questions, offering assistance in various formats, including text, images, audio, video, and mathematical expressions.
                  • Feedback Creation: Create feedback for questions using different media types. Display feedback during the test or after it's completed.
                    • Question Preview: Preview questions during construction and test automatic scoring as needed.
                      • Batch Import: Import multiple-choice questions efficiently using pre-made import spreadsheets.

                        These features enhance the versatility and effectiveness of multiple-choice questions in assessments.

                        Image-based multiple-choice questions

                        You can design a multiple-choice question with image choices.

                        Multimedia multiple-choice questions

                        You can craft multiple-choice questions featuring audio or video clip choices, allowing test-takers to listen or watch to determine the correct option.

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