Arche IK + TestInvite: Revolutionized Recruiting

Discover how Arche İK, a leading HR consulting firm, leverages TestInvite's flexible platform to build personalized talent assessments for each client, ensuring accuracy, security, and streamlined selection processes.

Created by TestInvite / January, 2024

What were their objectives?

Arche IK, a leading player in Human Resources and Management Consulting, aimed to revolutionize talent assessment and selection processes by prioritizing customization. The objective was clear – to develop unique applications and systems for each client, showcasing Arche İK's commitment to providing tailored and personalized solutions. 

IndustryHuman Resources and Management Consulting
Headquartersİstanbul, Turkey
Type B2B 
Employee Count-
GoalProvide a comprehensive and personalized talent assessment service to their clients, going beyond conventional models.

How did they achieve their goals with TestInvite?

To realize their objectives, Arche İK strategically utilized TestInvite's versatile features. They established separate folders for each organization within the question bank, efficiently managing client-specific questions for a customized talent assessment approach.

Demonstrating strategic thinking, Arche İK implemented tags within the question bank for effective categorization. Well-structured sections in test creation, coupled with question shuffling, ensured a thoughtful organization of assessments. This allowed them to tailor assessments to each client's unique requirements, ensuring a more accurate evaluation of candidates' skills and competencies.

Security and integrity were paramount considerations for Arche İK. They implemented TestInvite's photo shooting and lockdown browser features, ensuring robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access and maintain a secure testing environment. The introduction of an access form streamlined candidate information gathering, enhancing efficiency.

What additional value did TestInvite provide?

TestInvite significantly added value to Arche İK's talent assessment processes by offering a platform seamlessly accommodating customization, organization, and security. The platform's features empowered Arche İK to deliver tailored assessments, optimize internal processes, and ensure a secure and efficient candidate experience.

What outcomes and successes were achieved?

Arche İK's collaboration with TestInvite yielded tangible results. The customized talent assessment approach met diverse client needs, enhancing overall efficiency and security. The strategic utilization of TestInvite's features resulted in improved test creation processes, elevated security measures, and a more personalized candidate experience. Arche İK's success is evident in their continued growth, evolving expertise, and their ability to navigate the complexities of talent management with confidence and precision.

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