Optimizing Recruitment: BDO Türkiye's TestInvite Journey

BDO Türkiye uses TestInvite to improve efficiency, ensure fairness.

Created by TestInvite / March, 2024

What were their objectives? 

BDO Türkiye, a leading audit and consultancy firm, was looking for ways to improve their new assistant recruitment process for its Audit and Tax departments. They wanted to increase efficiency, standardize assessments for all candidates, provide a smooth testing experience, and potentially reduce costs associated with traditional recruitment methods.

IndustryAudit and Consultancy
Employee Count200-500
GoalTo improve the overall quality and efficiency of their new assistant recruitment process.

How did they achieve their goals with TestInvite?

Testinvite's features played a key role in helping BDO achieve these goals. The platform allowed them to easily create, schedule, and administer online exams, streamlining the entire management process.

Leveraging standardized GELT-M and MT General Ability exams from TestInvite's library ensured consistent evaluation across all candidates.

Testinvite's security measures, including photo capture and screen lock, further enhanced the recruitment process by preventing cheating and ensuring the integrity of the exams.

Additionally, the ability to set availability dates ensured that candidates only accessed the exams within designated timeframes.

The additional value provided by TestInvite?

Reduced Administrative Burden: Automating tasks like scheduling and grading exams likely freed up BDO's HR team to focus on other aspects of the recruitment process, such as candidate interviews and onboarding.

Data-Driven Insights: Testinvite might have provided reports and analytics to help BDO identify top performers based on their exam results. This data could be used to refine their recruitment strategies and identify areas for improvement.

Scalability: The platform's scalability allowed BDO to easily accommodate a growing number of applicants as their recruitment needs evolved.

What outcomes and successes achieved?

By implementing Testinvite, BDO achieved significant improvements in their recruitment process. The platform demonstrably saved them time and resources compared to manual testing methods. Standardized testing through Testinvite's library helped BDO identify top talent more effectively, leading to a higher quality pool of candidates. Finally, streamlining the process with Testinvite led to cost savings in recruitment and training.

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