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How Yataş Is Using Testinvite Exam Maker To Conduct Exams

Testinvite Customer: Yatas Group
Istanbul, Turkey
Accurate and reliable measurement of the English level of candidates to be recruited.

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YATAŞ GROUP uses English Level Determination tests in its recruitment in line with the principle of "To give the necessary importance to our human resources with the belief that the most important fact of businesses is the human factor and that investment in people will be the biggest investment", and emphasis is placed on the employees to be able to know and use the English language at the required level.

Since 2019, it has been successfully measuring the English level of its candidates by using Test Invite Online Exam System, with a 2-step online assessment process consisting of the "Placement Test" and "Speaking and Writing Exam”.

The company makes use of the GELT (Global English Level Test) and GESWE (Global English Speaking and Writing Exam) tests, which are prepared by experts in the field. Through Testinvite, candidates are able to take the exam through an automatic two-step online examination system sepcifically built to save time and money...

In the system created, the process begins by sending a single test invitation to the candidates. Candidates are first provided to take the exam consisting of 80 multiple-choice questions and the Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Listening sections. Candidates who pass the lower level determined in this exam are subjected to a second exam consisting of Speaking and Writing questions that will be required in their daily business life. After the end of the second exam, the English Speaking and Writing levels of the candidates who have completed the exam are determined by Testinvite instructors within 3 working days and the results are shared with Yataş HR teams.

In this two-stage exam process, candidates who fail to show sufficient success in the first exam cannot proceed to the next step. In this way, Yataş HR team can use their time more efficiently. At the same time, a serious cost advantage is obtained by ensuring that candidates evaluated below a certain level are not accepted for the second test.

The security of Online English Placement Exams is ensured by applying the following methods:

  • Questions asked during the exam are randomly selected from a large pool of questions, but according to a predefined system.
  • The time limit is determined in accordance with the number of questions throughout the test, specific to the section and for each page. In this way, time pressure is created in the tests and high security was provided.

Quantification and consideration:

The tests mentioned above have been used in the recruitment process of 500+ candidates since 2019. At the end of this process, the levels determined as a result of the tests and the actual levels of the recruited candidates showed values in a correct relationship with each other to a great extent.


To Yataş HR team:

  • Sending candidates' exam invitations.
  • Preparation of evaluation reports of English Speaking and Writing exam results..
  • Providing support during possible problems you might face in the exam.


Yataş Group was established in 1976 as the first sponge factory of Anatolia. Today, it’s a big name in the mattress, home textile, furniture and lounge suite sector. It also exports its products outside of Turkey..

We do our English exams during recruitment with confidence: We can manage our recruitment processes in a faster and safer way thanks to the usability of the platform, its success in test contents and assessment, and the continuous support of the Testinvite team.

Tuba Ertopuz

Senior Recruitment & Career Management Specialist

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