Test authoring

Kinds of tests and exams you can create along with their features

Customize the order of the questions or randomize them. Shuffling allows you to randomize the question order and can fix the place of the questions of your choosing. So you can fix the order of some questions while randomizing others.

The questions can automatically be numbered for each test-taker. The test-taker is presented the question along with the question number.

Assign questions as mandatory and prevent test-takers from proceeding without answering them. Filter the qualified examiness easier.

You can mark some of the questions as unscored. Unscored questions do not impact the test score. The test-taker cannot differentiate between scored and unscored questions while taking the test.

Use elective questions to allow test-takers some flexibility while answering questions. Elective questions allow you to set a minimum number of questions to answer while taking the test. After answering the minimum number of questions the remaining questions become ineffective and doesn't affect the final score. This allows test-takers to answer the questions they prefer or are comfortable with.

Add custom hints to questions. Hints can be especially helpful since you are not giving full answers but instead just nudging the test-taker in the right direction while they answer the question.

Add feedback to questions. Leave feedback to your fellow test creators so they can tweak the test according to your input or leave feedback to your test-takers to allow them to learn from their mistakes.

Use rubrics to streamline your grading process. Rubrics allow you to reduce inconsistencies during the scoring process by providing well-defined guidelines for grading. You can also use rubrics to give contructive feedback while grading the question.

You can change the weight of each question according to your needs. This allows flexibility in scoring so you can give heavier weight to harder or longer questions.

Use dimensions to track test-takers success in specific subjects. Test-takers will get or lose points for the specific subject according to their answers. You can categorize the questions by giving them dimensions such as ''Math'', ''Science'', etc. This allows you to track how well the test-taker did in these ''Math'' or ''Science'' questions. You can also create sub-categories to further diversify the precision of the results.

You can manually evaluate all your questions or use our auto-evaluation for specific question types. You can also use rubrics to grade writing questions.

Our question banks allow you to store your questions in a central place so it's quite easy to re-use them in a different test. You just need to select your question from the question bank while preparing a new test.

Content groups allow you to create questions bundled with a type of media. This allows you to ask multiple questions about a single media without writing the media over and over again. All content groups are stored in our question bank so it's very easy to re-use them.

Import your questions in bulk quickly by using our import question excel sheets. You just need to fill out the excel sheet with your questions and upload it the system will do the rest or create simple questions by pasting plain text.

Testinvite offers various ways to randomize questions ranging from question order randomizing to creating custom question pools and only selecting the specified amount from it to create varied tests.

Randomize test pages to reduce predictability and increases security in your tests. Our system allows you to create radomize you test pages to create more variations in your test. Page randomization highly reduces the chance of participants exchanging answers.

You can customize the layout of any page inside your test.

Add audio, video or image files to your tests. Testinvite provides rich content editor with nearly all text based inputs.

Create an accessible media library for your tests. This allows you to create a content library for each test that the students can access during the test. You can provide students with schematics, blueprints, reading material, etc.

Use our on-screen calculator for convenience during a test. Providing a on-screen calculator can prevent test-takers from losing focus during the test.

Use preview to see how your tests or questions look during a test.

You can compile your whole test in a single page to easily review grammar errors and such. Download this page to have a physical review of your test.

Tag and organize your tests in different folders. Testinvite gives you the tools to organize and order your tests easily with folders and tags.

Clone your tests for easy repurposing. You can clone your tests and with just some minor adjustments use them in a different setting.

Testinvite allows you to create your own test with your custom questions or use our expertly-made tests from our marketplace.

A test can have multiple sections. By dividing a test into sections, the test creators can assess a variety of different areas within the subject matter. This can be more effective than a single, comprehensive test because it allows test takers to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a way that is more organized and easier to evaluate. Additionally, each section can have its own configuration parameters like time limit, navigation restrictions and so on so that you can customize different parts of a single test.

To manage the pace of the test, you may want to establish time restrictions on the test as a whole, on its sections, or on individual pages. You could accomplish this by setting time limits for specific pages, sections, or the entire test.

Customize the navigation options for your exam to control the flow of the test. Test-takers can be allowed to move freely between questions, only backtrack, or be restricted from moving backward or forward. The navigation can be tailored for the entire test or individual sections, and the system will notify the test-taker of any restrictions.

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