Question ordering and shuffling

Customize the order of the questions or randomize them. Shuffling allows you to randomize the question order and can fix the place of the questions of your choosing. So you can fix the order of some questions while randomizing others.

Created by Erdem Ekim / December, 2022

On a default basis, the questions are displayed in the order that you added them to the test. The order of the questions in a test can be randomized thanks to our shuffling function to make trading answers harder. You can also fix the order of some questions so they are not affected by the shuffling function. Even question types such as MCQ (Multiple choice question) supports shuffling for question answers. How sections, pages, questions, and choices will be ordered can be customized on every level. You can also exclude questions in order to differentiate them from other questions.

Shuffling sample<br>
Shuffling sample

Shuffling is done on a per-test basis so every participant gets differently ordered questions and sections.

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