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Learning objectives

Learning objectives (also known as learning outcomes or dimensions of a test) are independent units of measurement inside a test. Dimensions use a tree-like structure so you can have main categories and sub-categories that are branched from these main categories. When a test-taker gets a point for the sub-categories they also gain a point for the main category.

Dimension sample<br>
Dimension sample

In this example, we are categorizing this question under Math/Geometry. This will categorize the question in The Math category under the Geometry sub-category. You can add more categories under Math to collect all math-related questions under one category and see the results in bulk.

If the name you specify for the Dimension contains “/”, the categories are calculated as a Tree Structure. In the example above, Math / Geometry is written as Dimensions. In this case, the success from the relevant question will affect both the Math and the Geometry sub-category under it.

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