Multiple sections

A test can have multiple sections. By dividing a test into sections, the test creators can assess a variety of different areas within the subject matter. This can be more effective than a single, comprehensive test because it allows test takers to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a way that is more organized and easier to evaluate. Additionally, each section can have its own configuration parameters like time limit, navigation restrictions and so on so that you can customize different parts of a single test.

Created by Mustafa Ekim / December, 2022

A test is comprised of multiple sections, providing the flexibility to cover multiple topics within a single assessment. This modular approach allows for the segmentation of the test based on specific requirements or preferences.

The designer of the test provides the ability to individually configure each section, permitting customization of time limits, navigation options, and other parameters specific to that section.

Sample test with multiple sections.<br>
Sample test with multiple sections.

You can randomize the section order for each test taker and label the sections accordingly, so that the test report displays scores for each section.

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